School children should know about environmental pollution: Muhammad Ismail Rahoo


Provincial Minister for Universities and Boards Muhammad Ismail Rahoo has said that climate change is a major threat to Pakistan’s youth and children, endangering their health, education, and safety.

He was speaking to the media after a program on climate change and tree planting organized by the SPARC, an organization that spreads awareness about child rights, at the Scouts Auditorium. The Sindh government has completed a survey of canals, canals, industries, and drainage waste in five major cities, including Karachi, and its report will be submitted to the Sindh government within three days.

After receiving the report, action would be taken against those responsible under the SEPA Act۔ 2014. These illegal activities are not only polluting the water but also causing industrial diseases to spread various diseases. Most of the countries are facing water scarcity and more water will be available in the future.

The provincial minister said that trees were being cut down in most of the cities and the trend of planting new trees had also come down. The people were unaware of the environmental pollution.

In response to a question, Ismail Rahu said that the industries which do not have treatment plants and the factories which are causing the spread of environmental pollution will be shut down.

The environmental pollution in Karachi has become very serious and the Sindh government is seriously working against it. “Pakistan People Party is a party of poor people and we also stand with the people on the issue of inflation”.

He said that laws need to be enforced for the protection of environmental pollution, adding that the use of plastic bags is a major cause of environmental pollution and action would be taken against it.

He said that children in schools also need to be made aware of environmental pollution. Later, the provincial minister also planted saplings and distributed shields among the scouts.

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