This has been a popular topic to debate on. There always has been a tug of war going on between school administration, teachers, parents and even children about the issue of school uniforms. Many parents and children think that school uniforms are not necessary while many disagree with this fact.
In this article, we will discuss the ways a school uniform can improve student discipline.

1. Minimises distractions

One of the major distractions faced by schools with no uniform policy is focusing on the wardrobes of other children. Kids will be focusing more on the clothes of other kids rather than focusing on studying. Students would be more focused and worried to follow the latest clothing trends and styles and the students who would not be able to afford high-end brands would be treated in a different way. This may cause problems. However, with a uniform policy everyone is treated equally and is on the same level as everyone else.

2. Maximises learning

Students in uniform are more focused in their academics which also helps to minimise disciplinary problems. With a uniform policy teachers can spend more time teaching in the classrooms rather than keeping a check on students if they are dressed appropriately or not.

3. Children act responsibly and are on their best behaviour

Children start to act more responsible when they wear a school uniform and are seen to be on their best behaviours. Students are likely to treat teachers, school staff and their parents with more respect and kindness when they are in a school uniform.

4. Improve their grades

When students wear uniform, they are more focused on studies rather than thinking about the clothes they are going to wear the next day or which trend they are going to follow. Students have other things to focus on as to how to improve their grades and study hard. They are more focused in their exams and competitions happening at schools.

5. Helps students to be more punctual

Students that don’t know what to wear every morning, will be late for school as they will be busy deciding what outfit to wear for school. But having a uniform, would help them be punctual for school everyday and attend the classes on time. Being punctual is not only a good habit for school but also helps in the real world.

6. Promotes safety of school and team identity

A uniform policy is helpful for the safety of school and its students. It would be easy for the school faculty to identify any intruder in the school building. Moreover, everyone is identifiable when wearing the same uniform, it also promotes a feeling of team spirit. Teachers can identify students from every team for example the players on cricket team, basketball team, karate team or volleyball team.

Thus, it is evident that a school uniform plays a vital role in enhancing discipline and academic performances. Discipline both in and out of the schools is increased. School uniform also brings professionalism in the learning institutes making it more conductive for learning.

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