The Provincial Education Minister Sardar Shah while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the School of Enablers said that he urges the private sector not to make education a business but fulfill their social responsibility.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Shah said; “we have imposed our thoughts and desires on our children. It is a dictatorial way to tell the children that our heroes should be your heroes

He added that not only doctors, engineers or MBA degree holders are a sign of success in society, but many artists, musicians and singers are also role models. “Not only human beings but we also learn a lot from animals and birds”

The minister said that the private sector should not only aim to make money but also fulfill its social responsibility. “I wonder if the rapid advancement in technology is taking place at the same pace as the development of the human mind,” he added.

On the occasion, the School of Enablers CEO Saqib Azhar and others also spoke. The speakers said that Enablers would also play a role in promoting educational institutions in Pakistan. Other participants from the education department also addressed the function.

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