How Can Schools Better Prepare Students For Workforce In Pakistan?


Education is a tool that can determine the course of one’s life. We can touch the apex of success in every arena of our life with the help of education. It can polish the potential of young students and enable them to serve in various fields. Schools are the institutions that key to better prepare students for the challenges that lie ahead in real life . The subjects are young children who are quite energetic and zealous to do something innovative with their abilities.

Unfortunately, that drive for finding innovative solutions to problems is gradually filtered out from a child’s system through academic rigidities and obsolete methods of teaching.


Myriad Issues

There are a number of problems in our schools that restrict children from exploring the world to the fullest. Our schools are focusing on the outdated education practices that demand rote learning rather than providing environment where students can easily refine their soft and hard skills.

Teachers are only forcing students to memorize text, whether they understand that text or not. In addition to this, there is an absolute lack of technology in schools through which students can learn to utilize to solve complex problems, both academic and non-academic, in novel ways.

Besides, many of the teachers found in and around classrooms in both public and private schools lack the training needed to better prepare students for the challenges they might face in a highly competitive globalized world. There is little knowledge of pedagogical methods and blended learning that hampering the quality of teachers. There is also a lack of problem-based learning, something indispensable to solving real problems of the world.

The quality of content in the curriculum is also a limiting factor that undermines a child’s intelligence and forces him to concentrate of grades and passing exams, rather than understanding and knowledge.


In order to produce better prepare students that are knowledgeable, understanding and have a lifelong desire for learning, our schools and the education system in general, must take these steps at the earliest.

  1. Schools should use their resources properly to meet the diverse needs of students
  2. Schools should give opportunities to students to analyze real world issues
  3. Teamwork should be encouraged among students through various projects and assignments so that they can learn to face the world, in present and future
  4. Decision-making and problem-solving skills should be promoted by effective trainers and teachers
  5. Schools should provide proper guidance and orientation regarding various careers for the betterment of the future of students
  6. Creativity should be encouraged in students in order to solve the issues critically
  7. Music and arts courses should also be encouraged because these courses will children to build upon their natural inclination towards innovation
  8. Group discussion among students should be arranged in order to accelerate the communication skills of students
  9. Digital education should be provided with complete instructions to use it
  10. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning awareness should be promoted in schools in order to better prepare them for employability
  11. Students should be provided practical and procedural knowledge of various subjects
  12. Punctuality, reliability and timely task completion should be taught to the students
  13. Consumer math skills must be taught in order to know how to budget, fill out a tax return or balance the cheque book
  14. Research and policy designing should be promoted in order to make good decisions about the various factors of their life

If all of the measure mentioned are put to practice in spirit, we can certainly produce iconic and charismatic leaders who can produce dramatic changes in our society.



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