Schools federation protest against the closure of private schools in Cantt areas


President All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) Kashif Mirza has said that the closure-order of 30,000 private schools in Cantt areas which would result in hype with 4-million out-of-school children!

Kashif Mirza said the closure of private schools in Cantt areas would result in hype of  out-of-school children and would also wastage of academic year of millions of students. He said that there are more than 30,000 private schools in 42 cantonment boards across the country with 400,000 teachers and other staff educating 4 million children.

In the light of directives given by the Supreme Court (SC) to put an end to commercial activities in cantonments, the Cantonment Boards ordered the owners of over 30,000 private schools situated in cantonments across the country to shut down their institutions, he said adding that the government must address the concerns of parents, teachers and students by amending the Cantonment Boards Act.

Kashif Mirza said, “Is it a sin to teach? Indeed sin is to deny the constitutional right of education under Article 25-A. Due to eviction, 4 million more children will drop out of school and the number of out-of-school children will reach 30 million. The decision to evict must be reversed.  Cantonment boards across the country do not have an alternative education system. Only in Lahore and Karachi Cantonment, buildings of over 2600and 2300 private schools respectively will be vacated. So far, more than 10,000 private schools have closed and 700,000 teachers have lost their jobs, due to COVID. “

Kashif Mirza further argued there was no alternative space to relocate so many schools in Cantt areas across the country.  All Pakistan Private Schools Federation appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan, prime minister and army chief to review the decision.

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