In a significant move to ensure the seamless conduct of the upcoming general elections, the Provincial Cabinet of Punjab has declared an extended break for all educational institutions across the province. The break is scheduled from February 6th to February 9th, covering both public and private sector schools, colleges, and universities.

This decision, aimed at facilitating an uninterrupted election process, results in a six-day holiday stretch for students and educators. The break includes February 5th, observed as Kashmir Day, which is a public holiday, and February 4th, a Sunday.

In addition to the extended break, there will be a temporary modification in school timings. Until February 3rd, schools will start at 9:30 am. Regular school hours are expected to resume after this temporary adjustment.

The move comes as part of the provincial government’s efforts to create an environment conducive to the smooth functioning of the general elections 2024 scheduled for February 8th. By temporarily suspending educational activities, authorities aim to minimize disruptions and allow citizens to actively participate in the democratic process.

The decision has received mixed reactions from parents, students, and educators. While some appreciate the government’s proactive approach to ensure a trouble-free election period, others express concerns about the potential impact on academic schedules.

This announcement is expected to be followed by similar decisions in other provinces, as the entire nation gears up for the upcoming general elections. The focus remains on fostering an environment that encourages citizens to exercise their democratic rights without any hindrances.

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