Schools Minister Murad Ras visits flood-affected schools in Rojhan

Schools Minister Murad Ras visits flood-affected schools in Rojhan

Murad Ras in Rojhan

Provincial School Education Minister Murad Ras has visited the flood-affected schools, flood relief camps, and other affected areas in Rojhan Tehsil of Rajanpur, Southern Punjab.

He inquired about the people’s problems and assured them that full rehabilitation of the affected people would be ensured. Talking to local people and media representatives on this occasion, the provincial minister said there is flood water in some schools of Rajanpur.

He said the government had established flood relief camps where the schools are in good condition. The provincial minister said that all possible steps would be taken to help and restore the people living in the flood relief camps so that the affected people can lead an everyday life soon.

Provincial Minister Murad Ras said that 250 tents are required to move the affected people from the schools of Rajanpur, and 100 tents will be delivered to Rajanpur by this evening. Which will be sent soon, he said. The provincial minister said that the entire education department team is on the ground in this emergency and is working very hard.

Murad Ras said that many schools in Rojhan, Rajanpur were also affected due to the flood disaster, and today, we visited many schools where water is standing. Punjab Education Minister assured that the Punjab government is working day and night to provide relief to the flood-affected people. All possible facilities will be created for the flood victims. Murad Ras also said that in the current situation, people are in dire need of food and tents.

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