The Punjab government has finally reached a decision regarding whether Wednesday should be designated as a public holiday for schools. The interim Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has declared that Wednesday, the third day of the week, will function as a regular workday, maintaining the status quo.

Previously, provincial authorities had been deliberating the possibility of introducing an additional weekly holiday has been proposed due to the high levels of smog in Lahore. However, there are some concerns regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of this measure. improved Air Quality Index (AQI), the government has opted against this move.

In a statement posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter, CM Mohsin Naqvi conveyed that he had held a crucial meeting with his cabinet members. He stated, “In light of the improved Air Quality Index, Wednesday will continue to be a standard workday.”

Furthermore, Naqvi informed the public that the Secretary of Transport, district administration, and the Police force are actively addressing all sources of air pollution. “We are maintaining vigilance and taking proactive measures to control the Air Quality Index,” he concluded.

Additionally, factories have been sternly cautioned against exceeding the prescribed limits for emissions and burning tires. Furthermore, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners have received instructions to take action against individuals responsible for burning crop residues.

To ensure that high-quality, low-emission fuels are readily available to the public, Mohsin Naqvi has ordered strict measures against the sale of substandard fuel. Additionally, the construction industry has been provided with guidelines aimed at reducing smog levels, including requirements to cover sand and gravel and continually moisten construction sites.

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