Scope of Clinical Psychology in Pakistan
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Scope of Clinical Psychology in Pakistan

Scope of Clinical Psychology in Pakistan

Looking to find out about the scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan? Well, psychology used to be a very underrated field as well as a profession. Not many people used pursued psychology but in the past few years, the subject of psychology has gained a lot of popularity. Many people are facing mental health issues, and now more people are getting aware of the importance of this subject. Clinical psychology is a growing field in Pakistan. The scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan is immense. It is trending upwards, and it will continue to do so. Students need to understand the scope of a degree before selecting it because choosing the right degree will be fruitful for them in the future. Choosing the right degree might be a tough task for many students out there because no one knows what the future holds, or which career would be on the rise in the next few days. However, certain degrees and professions are always on the rise and have a lot of job markets. One such degree is known as clinical psychology. Are you wondering if there is any scope for clinical psychology in Pakistan? Well, don’t worry. We have got your back. You have certainly landed on the right page because, in this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan. So, keep reading to find out more details about the scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan.

What is clinical psychology?

Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology which is concerned with the assessment as well as the treatment of abnormal behaviour, mental illness, psychiatric problems, and much more. Clinical psychology is a field that applies psychological research, and techniques in “clinical” settings. Clinical psychology differs from psychiatry, it is another psychological sub-discipline which requires a medical degree, and it is medication related.

Clinical psychology has a quite rich history beginning with individuals who understood the meaning of mental disorders. Sigmund Freud was one of the first few people to actively focus on mental illnesses and look at talking as a method of treatment. His talking therapy approach is still used widely and is one of the oldest forms of therapy known today.

What does a clinical psychologist do?

A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is concerned with the assessment as well as treatment of patients and their families with mental health as well as many behavioural disorders. Clinical psychologists work with individuals having severe psychiatric as well as behavioural illnesses. A clinical psychologist mainly helps to reduce psychological distress among people and promote psychological well-being. A clinical psychologist also diagnoses anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, relationship issues, depression, and much more.

What are the types of clinical psychology?

Well, there are various known types of clinical psychology approaches. Some of these include:

⁃ Cognitive Approach
⁃ Behavioural Approach
⁃ Humanistic Approach
⁃ Psychodynamic Approach

What are the benefits of pursuing clinical psychology?

Clinical psychology is one of the most popular disciplines within psychology for many reasons. Some of the benefits of pursuing clinical psychology are as follows:

  • Clinical psychologists can work in a variety of settings. Clinical psychologists can be seen working in the educational field, private hospitals, research centres, nursing centres, psychotherapy centres, rehabilitation facilities, and much more. This is one of the greatest benefits as a clinical psychologist can work in a multitude of settings.
  • Clinical psychologists are highly in demand nowadays, hence there is job security in the field of clinical psychology.
  • Being a clinical psychologist is one of the highest-paying jobs. People having a degree in clinical psychology are earning quite well.
  • The field of clinical psychology is not boring. It is quite interesting, and every day people get to do as well as learn new things.

What is the scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan?

A degree in clinical psychology in Pakistan holds a lot of importance. It is one of the most important fields for a successful yet secure career. The scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan is very high and in demand. It will continue to be high for the next few years as well. A person holding a degree in clinical psychology can easily find a job in the healthcare system, be it private or public. Qualifying in clinical psychology surely opens a gateway to tons of job opportunities that too with the highest of salaries. So, if you are passionate about clinical psychology, then you should surely opt for this degree as the future is quite bright. Hence, the scope of clinical psychology is quite high in Pakistan.

What are the jobs for the scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan?

If you are interested in clinical psychology, it will surely open tons of job opportunities for individuals. Some of these job opportunities include:

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists are mostly found working for private hospitals, clinics, mental health clinics, etc. Clinical psychologists are responsible for assessing, treating, diagnosing as well as preventing mental illnesses. Clinical psychologists are highly in demand in the job market.

Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologist plays a vital role as they are known to motivate as well as support athletes. They are known to motivate as well as help athletes perform better. They may also help these sportsmen to overcome and recover from sports injuries.

Forensic Psychologist

A forensic psychologist mainly works along with judges, witnesses, and crime victims to analyze as well as explain the psychological aspects of the crime cases. A forensic psychologist may also prepare witnesses to testify in the courts, provide expert testimony, and much more.
scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan.

Child Psychologist

A child psychologist is known to evaluate as well as treat the mental needs of children. A child psychologist works with children in a therapeutic setting and creates as well as implements individualized treatment plans. They also help children cope with several diagnoses as well as stressors by teaching various techniques and coping mechanisms.

Social Worker

A social worker is mainly responsible for helping clients lead a happy yet healthy lifestyle. Social workers also work with many communities and guide individuals by offering support and help.


A neuropsychologist is trained to perform cognitive tests, assess people suffering from various brain injuries, study how certain drugs have an impact on the nervous system, and run various brain scans. A neuropsychologist can be seen working in various settings such as government or private hospitals, clinics, universities, pharmaceutical companies, research centres, and much more.

What is the salary in the field of clinical psychology in Pakistan?

While the salary depends on the qualifications, skills, abilities, and experience. It also depends on where or in which city the individual works. But the salaries in the field of clinical psychology start from Rs, 80,000 per month to Rs 250,000 per month or even more.

Which universities offer clinical psychology in Pakistan?

There are many universities which offer clinical psychology in Pakistan. Some of these are:

⁃ Government College University
⁃ University of Punjab
⁃ University of Karachi
⁃ Kinnaird College for Women
⁃ King Edward Medical University
⁃ National University of Science and Technology
⁃ Forman Christian College
⁃ Beaconhouse National University
⁃ Lahore Garrison University
⁃ Imperial College of Business Studies
⁃ Bahria University
⁃ Quaid-e-Azam University
⁃ Aga Khan University
⁃ And much more

A career in clinical psychology is a great option because it offers numerous job opportunities as well as great salaries. There is a dire need for well-trained and highly qualified clinical psychologists in Pakistan. So, if you are truly passionate about pursuing clinical psychology, then surely go for it. If you think you have the skills, ability, and attitude to pursue a challenging yet rewarding career, then do consider it.

Best of Luck!

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