Well, everyone wants a secure yet bright career. Choosing the right field will certainly make your future rewarding. There are many fields in Pakistan, and it gets hard for many students to choose the right field, especially one that has a lot of scopes. Commerce is one of the popular fields in Pakistan. Many students opt for commerce as their degree as there is a huge scope in Pakistan. Students who possess this degree can easily find a job anywhere, be it a local or an international firm. Commerce is one of the top-most emerging fields not only in Pakistan but all around the world. Commerce is known to be a professionally rewarding career field that tends to lead to satisfactory jobs as well as a bright yet secure future. The degree of Commerce holds a lot of importance, probably more than other degrees, this is because of its skill-based nature. A Bachelor of Commerce is the most popular undergraduate degree in Pakistan which leads to some of the highest-paying jobs for commerce students. Are you interested in pursuing a career in Commerce but wondering if there is any scope of Commerce in Pakistan? Well, don’t worry, we have got your back. You have landed on the right page because, in this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of Commerce in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more about the scope of Commerce in Pakistan.

What is Commerce?

Commerce is considered one of the most important as well as popular subjects. It is mainly popular in the streams of education along with Arts as well as Sciences. Commerce is a subject that mainly deals with the various aspects of the trade, business, accounting, merchandising, financial transactions, or information. The major subjects which are taught on the Commerce side are Business, Economics, Accounting, etc. Commerce is the study of the exchange of goods or services between customers and suppliers.

What are the four main types of Commerce?

There are four major types of Commerce which include:

⁃ B2C: Business to Consumer

This business model directly sells to its end-consumer, which includes most of the purchases people make daily, either online or at a store directly.

⁃ C2C: Consumer to Consumer

This business model revolves around an online marketplace that allows consumers to sell or exchange their goods and services with one another.

⁃ B2B- Business to Business

This business model helps to sell its product or service to another business to either use it as the end-consumer or resell it to the end-consumer.

⁃ C2B- Consumer to Business

This business model allows individuals to sell goods and services to companies, which would include the companies like influence.

Scope of Commerce in Pakistan

Well, this is the most asked question by many students. The scope of Commerce is quite high in Pakistan. It is trending upward. The scope of Commerce is not only high and demanded in Pakistan but all around the globe. Qualifying in commerce will surely land you a great job with a market-competitive salary. So, if you have a keen interest in commerce and you are passionate about pursuing a career in the field of commerce, then you should surely go for it because it will open the gateways to tons of job opportunities for you. The scope of commerce in Pakistan is surely high and trending.

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Job Opportunities for Commerce in Pakistan

Since the demand for commerce is high in Pakistan, so is the job market in Pakistan. There are many companies, business firms, industries as well as corporations that are always on the lookout for talented yet skilled individuals. Some of these jobs are:

⁃ Marketing Manager
⁃ Sales Manager
⁃ Investment Banker
⁃ Budget Analyst
⁃ Investment Analyst
⁃ Chief Executive Officer
⁃ Chartered Accountant
⁃ And much more

Salary for Commerce in Pakistan

While the salary depends on the qualifications, skills, abilities, and experience. It also depends on where or in which city the individual works. But the salaries in the field of commerce usually go up to 1 million per year or more depending on the skills as well as experience.

Which universities offer Commerce in Pakistan?

⁃ Government College University, Lahore
⁃ Virtual University
⁃ University of Central Punjab
⁃ University of Punjab
⁃ University of Peshawar
⁃ Hazara University
⁃ Government College University, Faisalabad
⁃ International Islamic University
⁃ And much more

The scope of commerce in Pakistan is quite vast and diverse. The field of commerce has many areas which students can explore from. Having a degree in the field of commerce can certainly help you land a great job, with a rewarding yet secure, and bright future. But most of the jobs in the commerce stream require tons of experience as well as skills so, remember, learning the right skills, and having experience will surely help you find a more rewarding job with the highest salary in the commerce field.

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