Choosing a career in which your interest lies can always be a tough decision because we don’t know if that career path will be rewarding or will have any demand in the future. There are many people out there who are interested in criminology, but the big question arises that is there any scope of criminology in Pakistan? Are you looking to pursue a career in criminology? If you are looking for an answer that is there any scope of criminology in Pakistan, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of criminology in Pakistan. So, read on to find out more about the scope of criminology.

What is Criminology?

Criminology is the scientific study of social crimes, criminal conduct, it also includes methods of criminal prevention. Criminology is an interdisciplinary subject which also focuses on the theories from various fields such as psychology, law as well as sociology. Criminology helps us understand the studies of crime as a problem on both social and personal basis. Criminology revolves around a specialised social science that evolved from sociology and it uses sociological methods and theories to study criminal behaviours as well as how the societies respond to various crimes.

What is the Scope of Criminology in Pakistan?

There are many students who are passionate about studying criminology, but they often wonder if there is any scope of criminology in Pakistan. Well, the crime rate in Pakistan has been on the rise since a past few years, therefore it is necessary for students to opt for criminology. The scope of criminology in Pakistan is quite vast and in high demand. There are huge number of jobs available in the department of criminology as well. There are many jobs offered in the public sector such as FIA, NAB, police training colleges as well as anti-corruption departments. Hence, the scope of criminology is on the rise in Pakistan.

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What are the jobs for Criminology in Pakistan?

There are several jobs for criminology students after they graduate and hold a proper qualification. There are so many jobs with handsome salaries that are great for a rewarding career. Some of these jobs are:

⁃ Police officer
⁃ Forensic psychologist
⁃ Private investigator
⁃ Criminal profile
⁃ Insurance fraud investigator
⁃ Loss prevention specialist
⁃ Probation and community control officer
⁃ Armed forces
⁃ Judge
⁃ NGO activist
⁃ Writer
⁃ Consultant
⁃ Crime reporter
⁃ Intelligence agencies
⁃ And much more

What is the salary?

While the salary totally depends on the skills and the experience of an individual. It also depends on where the person is working. But the starting salary of fresh graduate is from 45,000 per month and can go up to 200,000 per month.

Which universities offer criminology in Pakistan?

While there are many universities that offer criminology in Pakistan. But the best ones are:

⁃ Punjab University Law College
⁃ University of Karachi
⁃ Government College University
⁃ University of Sargodha
⁃ Bahauddin Zakariya University
⁃ University of Sindh

What are the major subjects in Criminology?

1. Introduction to Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, and Security Studies
2. Importance of Forensic Sciences in Criminology
3. Crimes and Criminology in Pakistan
4. Drug abuse and related crimes in Pakistan
5. Use of computer technology
6. Criminal investigation and methods and theories
7. Policing and investigation in Pakistan

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