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Scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan


Many students wonder what the scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan is. Well, you have landed on the right page because, in this article, you will get the answers to all your mind-boggling questions.

Choosing a degree that benefits you in the future can always be daunting; it is a tough decision that students must make. No one knows what the future holds or which profession will help you earn more, but one thing is sure the scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan is super bright. It has been increasing in recent years and keeps on growing.

So, if you think you have good interpersonal skills and aptitude, or if you have a desire to help other people, then you can surely pursue D Pharmacy as your career. There is no doubt that pharmacists are vital for the health care system around the globe.

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What is Pharmacy, and what do these Pharmacists do?

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing, reviewing drugs, and providing additional clinical services. In foreign countries, a doctor first consults with pharmacists before prescribing medications to their patients. Pharmacists study chemical substances which can induce therapeutic effects in living organisms in humans in general. Pharmacists can work in many places, including government health sectors, private health care, drug companies, etc.

The most significant aspect of this work is studying the side effects of certain drugs. By conducting thorough research on these drugs, new drugs are designed with better therapeutic results and minimal side effects compared to the existing drugs.

What are the required skills in this field?

Strong leadership skills and good data analysis and information handling skills are also required for students pursuing D Pharmacy. Sound analytical skills are also needed to achieve maximum results from the experiments on testing new drugs. Knowledge of methodology also holds importance so the research can be put forward for publication in a reputable set of journals.

Basic knowledge of IT and computers is also required in this field. But many employers in this field look for graduates with qualities that many students lack, such as time management skills, positive attitude, verbal skills, team working, critical thinking, self-confidence, stress tolerance, written communication, self-awareness, and much more. So, ensure you possess all these qualities if you opt for D Pharmacy.

While many students wonder if D Pharmacy has good work opportunities or scope in Pakistan, there are many job opportunities for those who want to pursue D Pharmacy. This degree opens a gateway to numerous work opportunities with handsome salaries.

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What is the career and scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan?

The scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan is increasing rapidly. There are numerous jobs in the government sector as well as the private health sector. Pharmacists primarily work in pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. The students get excellent jobs after the completion of their course. They find various job opportunities in hospitals, researchers, lecturers, medical writers, or clinical pharmacists.

-Pharm D scope and jobs in the government sector of Pakistan:

  • Drug testing laboratories
  • Hospital pharmacists at government hospitals
  • Drug inspectors
  • Lecturer in government colleges or universities

-Pharm D scope and jobs in the private sector of Pakistan:

  • Own retail pharmacies
  • Home health care
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospital pharmacists at personal health cares
  • Forensic pharmacists
  • Distribution setups
    And much more

D Pharmacy Salary in Pakistan

The salary packages vary from company to company. Even the salaries vary in the private sector and the government sector.

Fresh graduates can easily earn up to 30,000/month, while those in the government sector may earn 60,000-95,000/month, and those in the private sector may earn 65,000/150,000/month.

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