The study of developmental psychology is vast, and the scope of this field has broadened over the years. Many students choose to study psychology but there are several branches of psychology, so there are many students who often end up choosing the wrong field in psychology. Students need to know about the scope they are choosing as their career. Are you wondering if there is any scope for developmental psychology in Pakistan? Well, you have certainly landed on the right page. In this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of developmental psychology in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more about the scope of developmental psychology in Pakistan.

What is Developmental Psychology?

Developmental psychology is a scientific approach that considers growth as well as various changes across the human lifespan. Developmental psychology mainly focuses on how feeling, thinking, and behavior change throughout an individual’s life. Developmental psychology is a subject that aims to answer questions about human development. Developmental psychology was originally connected mainly with child psychology, but over the past few years, it has broadened. Developmental psychology now focuses on every stage in human growth, from infancy to old age. Developmental psychology helps examine how infants develop the ability to function as well as the changes that occur during the growing period.

What are the theories of Developmental Psychology?

There are a few widely recognized theories in the field of developmental psychology. Some of these include:

• Psychosocial developmental theory
• Psychosexual developmental theory
• Attachment theory
• Cognitive developmental theory
• Social learning theory

What does Developmental psychologists do?

Developmental psychologists perform research on various physiological changes which occur in someone’s life. A developmental psychologist helps others understand how people can change, and mature throughout their lifetime. They mainly focus on physical, social, as well as mental processes which occur during a human being’s lifetime. Developmental psychologists are also known to research infancy and adolescent development. They also study and research both developmental disabilities and treatments.

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Skill required for Developmental Psychologist?

Every profession requires some skills. Here are a few skills that are required to become a developmental psychologist:

  • Excellent communication skills appropriate for all ages.
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Patience
  • Positivity
  • Compassionate
  • They should be a good listener
  • Open-minded as well as optimistic

Scope of Developmental Psychology in Pakistan?

The scope of developmental psychology in Pakistan is a high-demand field with opportunities for high salaries. There is a need for developmental psychologists in our healthcare systems as well as educational settings. There are many healthcare systems, be they private or government which are always on the lookout for experienced, and skilled developmental psychologists. Having a degree in developmental psychology can surely land you a great job with the highest-paying salary. The demand for developmental psychology in Pakistan is high and trending. It certainly is a great career option. This discipline equips you in several different fields and industries. Hence, the scope of developmental psychology in Pakistan is quite a in demand.

Jobs for Development Psychology

The study of developmental psychology is quite vast, and the scope of this field has broadened. Having a degree in this field will open a gateway to numerous job opportunities. Some of the job types in this field are:

⁃ Developmental Psychologist

A developmental psychologist’s responsibility is to study the growth and development of humans throughout their entire lifespan.

⁃ Educational Consultant

An educational consultant mainly assists teachers as well as school districts in developing developmentally-appropriate educational standards, learning targets, classroom policies, and much more.

⁃ Early Childhood Educator

Early childhood educators mainly work with children aged a few months to about six years old. They also teach kindergarten in childcare facilities. Early childhood specialists frequently work for private childcare organizations, preschools, and in homes.

⁃ Behavioural Specialist

Behavioural specialists help their patients to decrease unwanted as well as compulsive behaviours and replace them with more desirable behaviours. Behavioural specialists are mostly employed in private hospitals, but they can also be employed by treatment centers and schools.

⁃ Research Assistants

Research assistants mainly design, conduct, and oversee scientific studies and interpret sets of data. They are also responsible to create surveys as well as other instruments of measurement to help the research teams conclude human motivation, development, and behaviour.

Salary for Developmental Psychology in Pakistan?

Well, the salary in this field usually depends on the specialization of your job. But the lowest estimated salary of a developmental psychologist in Pakistan starts from PKR 66,900 per month to PKR 200,000 per month.

Which universities offer developmental psychology in Pakistan?

The best universities for developmental psychology include the following:

• Government College University
• Quaid-e-Azam University
• University of Karachi
• University of Punjab
• Forman Christian College
• Bahria University
• University of Peshawar
• Virtual University
• Beaconhouse National University
• Islamia University Bahawalpur

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