Are you interested in pursuing finance as your career but worried if there is any scope for finance in Pakistan? Well, every year dozens of students enrol themselves to get a degree in finance because it holds a lot of importance. Having a degree in finance can surely grant you a rewarding career with tons of job opportunities. Having a degree in Finance is great as you can work anywhere, be it the private sector or public sector, a local business, or a multinational firm. If you are looking to find out about the scope of finance in Pakistan, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will be discussing everything about the scope of finance in Pakistan. So, read on to find out more details about the scope of finance in Pakistan.

What is finance?

Finance is also known as financial economies. Finance is the study that revolves around the discipline of money, currency as well as capital assets. Finance is the management of money which also includes activities like saving, lending, investing, borrowing, or forecasting. There are three major types of finances which include personal, government/public, and corporate.

What is the scope of finance in Pakistan?

While many students often ask this question before opting for a degree in finance. Well, the scope of finance in Pakistan is quite high. Every other business needs a finance expert in their firm to handle the finances and accounting department. There are tons of businesses, be they local or multinational that are always on the lookout for skilled and experienced people. The worth and the demand for this field can be seen and estimated by the unlimited great jobs that are available in the job market. Having a degree in finance is great as it not only opens a gateway to some amazing, endless job opportunities but it also helps individuals in having a bright secure future.

What are the major subjects of finance?

Different universities offer different courses but the following are the major subjects of finance:

⁃ Principle of Accounting
⁃ Financial Accounting
⁃ Calculus
⁃ Microeconomics
⁃ Fundamentals of Finance
⁃ Introduction to Media Studies
⁃ Introduction to Computing
⁃ Taxation
⁃ Human Resource Management

and more

What are the jobs in Pakistan?

Having a degree in finance opens tons of endless job opportunities. One can easily get a job anywhere, that too with some great salary packages. There are many jobs in this field which include:

⁃ Accounts officer
⁃ Finance manager
⁃ Accountant
⁃ Taxation officer
⁃ Senior accountant
⁃ Junior accountant assistant
⁃ Internal auditor
⁃ Manager recovery
⁃ Cash officer
⁃ Finance assistant
⁃ Compliance manager
⁃ Cost analyst
and more

What is the salary?

While the salary totally depends on the skills, and work experience of an individual, it also depends on what is the specialization and where the person works. The salary also depends on which city a person is working in as the salaries may vary from city to city. But the starting salary in Pakistan is from 60,000 per month and can go up to 140,000 per month.

Which university is the best for finance in Pakistan?

⁃ International Islamic University, Islamabad
⁃ Bahria University
⁃ University of Karachi

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