Everyone dreams of having the perfect career. There are many students out there who want to achieve a promising career with a rewarding yet secure and bright future. Especially in these hard times, when there is a high unemployment rate, and rising inflation. Students want to make sure they are choosing the right scope which will certainly lead them toward the road to success. The scope of Forensic Psychology in Pakistan is growing. This is ideal for students interested in Psychology, who can choose several key specializations. However, a few years back, the idea of forensic psychology was almost non-existent in Pakistan, but the services were highly required. But nowadays the scope for forensic psychology in Pakistan is catching up with the pace and many job opportunities are available in the job market.

Having a degree in forensic psychology will surely open a gateway to numerous job opportunities that will lead up to a rewarding career. The demand for forensic psychology is quite high in Pakistan as it plays a vital role in the criminology department. Are you interested in forensic psychology but wondering if there is any scope for it in Pakistan? Well, don’t worry because we have got you covered. You have landed on the right page in this article we will be discussing everything about the scope of forensic psychology in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more interesting details about forensic psychology.

What is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic psychology is a branch of psychology that is applied to the criminal justice sector. Forensic psychology provides a bridge of interaction between the study of psychology and law. A forensic psychologist is usually asked to testify in a courtroom, and even provide an assessment of the defendant’s sanity or insanity in a legal setting. It also requires the translation of psychological findings into the legal language of the courtroom. Forensic psychology helps us to study as well as deeply understand the psychology behind crime and criminals.

What does a Forensic Psychologist do?

Forensic psychology includes various areas where psychology and the legal system connect. Forensic psychologists work in a wide variety of settings which include mental health facilities, universities, private research companies, prisons, police stations, and non-profit organizations. Forensic psychologists are concerned with examining, collecting, and presenting evidence for judicial purposes.

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Scope of forensic Psychology in Pakistan?

A forensic psychology degree can surely open the door to a wide variety of careers. There are many paths available for those seeking a career in the field of forensic psychology. The scope of forensic psychology in Pakistan is quite high and is growing at a rapid pace. The crime rate in Pakistan has been increasing at an alarming rate and so is the need for forensic psychologists in the job market. Over the course of many years, more jobs have been posted for forensic psychologists, and forensic psychology is one of the top courses after FSc pre-medical in Pakistan. Most criminal cases that occur in Pakistan require forensic psychologists. So, if you are looking to pursue forensic psychology as your career but are afraid that there is any scope of forensic psychology in Pakistan then don’t worry because it is in high demand and has a great future.

Jobs for forensic Psychology in Pakistan?

Having a degree in forensic psychology will surely open the door to a wide variety of careers. There are many job opportunities available in Pakistan which include:

⁃ Correctional counselor
⁃ Jail supervisor
⁃ Victim advocate
⁃ Jury consultant
⁃ Federal government employee
⁃ Police consultant
⁃ Licensed professional clinical counselor
⁃ And much more

Salary for Forensic psychology in Pakistan?

The salary depends on the qualifications, skills, and experience. It also depends on where or in which city the individual works. But the salaries in the field of forensic psychology in Pakistan are around 65,000- 95,000 per month.

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