Scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan
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Scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan

Scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan

Human resource management is also known as HRM, it is a field of high potential and scope in Pakistan. Human resource management is the backbone of any organization. There is a huge demand for professionals with a qualification in HRM both in the public and private sectors. The students interested in HRM should surely pursue this degree as the scope and future of HRM is quite bright and opens a gateway to numerous opportunities. If you are looking to find out about the scope of human resource management in Pakistan, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of human resource management in Pakistan.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management plays a vital role in any business or company’s development with their creativity, skills, and management. HRM is also known as personnel management. HRM involves recruiting personnel, training, handling administrative matters, salaries as well as union-management relations. Every business requires a team of HRM to handle the organization’s tasks and for the successful maintenance of their workforce.

Scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan?

The scope of HRM is quite high in demand in Pakistan and is one of the best career choices a student can make. There are tons of jobs available as HRM is one of the most important parts and plays a vital role in every business. Therefore, the need for HR is increasing day by day. An individual has tons of job opportunities if they have a degree in HRM, both in the public as well as private sector that too with high-paying salaries.

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Jobs for Human Resource Management

As the scope and demand are quite high in Pakistan, there are many jobs available for individuals who opt for a degree in HR. Some of these include:

⁃ HR manager
⁃ HR coordinator
⁃ HR director
⁃ HR business partner
⁃ Recruiting manager
⁃ HR generalist
⁃ Employee relations manager
⁃ HR specialist
⁃ Training and development specialist
⁃ And much more

Salary for Human Resource Management

The salary depends on the skills, and work experience of an individual, it also depends on what is the specialization and where the person works, be it private sector or public sector. It also depends on the city a person is working in because the salaries may vary from city to city. But the starting salary in Pakistan is from 65,000 per month and can go up to 195,000 per month.

Best Universities in Pakistan for Human Resource Management?

⁃ Allama Iqbal Open University
⁃ University of Karachi
⁃ Virtual University
⁃ National College of Business Administration and Economics
⁃ International Islamic University Islamabad
⁃ University of Management and Technology
⁃ National University of Sciences and Technology
⁃ Lahore University of Management and Sciences
⁃ Illma University
⁃ University of the Punjab
⁃ Superior University
⁃ Greenwich University
⁃ And much more

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