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Scope of Inorganic Chemistry in Pakistan


Are you looking to find out about the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan? Students need to know about the scope of a certain degree that they are choosing. Inorganic chemistry is an emerging career in Pakistan. There are many industries and medical levels which require inorganic chemistry. Many people may not know the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan is quite widespread. A career in inorganic chemistry is a great idea as it opens the gateway to numerous job opportunities. Having a degree in inorganic chemistry is amazing as almost every other chemical industry deal with inorganic chemistry, which leads to plenty of jobs. If you are interested in pursuing a career in inorganic chemistry, then you have certainly landed on the right page in this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan. So, continue reading to find out more details about the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan.

What is Inorganic Chemistry?

Inorganic chemistry is a subject that deals with the behavior as well as the synthesis of inorganic products. However, inorganic chemistry doesn’t include organic compounds such as carbon-based substances. These carbon-based substances are a subject of organic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry possesses applications throughout every field in the chemical industry which includes materials science, pigments, gasoline, medicine, coatings as well as agriculture throughout every field of the chemical industry.

What are the benefits of studying Inorganic Chemistry?

Qualifying inorganic chemistry comes with tons of benefits which include:

  • A degree in inorganic chemistry opens the gateway to a wide variety of jobs
  • It has a secure yet bright, and rewarding career
  • People are paid quite well
  • Individuals with a degree in inorganic chemistry can work in developing new methods as well as advancements in chemical reactions
  • There will be numerous opportunities to explore pharmaceutical, technological, industrial as well as commercial fields of chemistry
  • The employment areas are quite vast and widespread

Scope of Inorganic Chemistry in Pakistan

Many students often wonder about the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan. Well, the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan is emerging at a rapid pace. The scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan is widespread. There are numerous job opportunities available out there with great salary packages. Inorganic chemistry plays a major role in the oil refining industry in Pakistan. Inorganic chemistry is known as a key subject in Pakistan because it involves the production of numerous chemicals, pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, and much more.

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Jobs for Inorganic Chemistry in Pakistan

Qualifying inorganic chemistry surely opens tons of job opportunities for students. There are many pharmaceutical companies as well as chemical industries that are always on the lookout for experienced people. Some of these jobs include:

⁃ Chemists
⁃ Bench chemists
⁃ Food chemists
⁃ Forensic chemists
⁃ Organic chemists
⁃ Laboratory chemists
⁃ Industrial chemists
⁃ Agricultural chemists
⁃ Analytical chemists
⁃ Research and development chemists
⁃ Quality control chemists
⁃ And much more

Inorganic chemistry jobs are quite diverse so, there are a variety of settings in which people work.

Salary for Inorganic Chemistry

Well, the salary usually depends on the qualifications, abilities, skills, and experience. It also depends on where or in which city the individual works. But the salaries in the field of inorganic chemistry typically start around 65,000 PKR per month- 160,000 PKR per month. Inorganic chemistry is the highest-paying field in Pakistan.

What skills are required for Inorganic Chemistry?

  • An individual must be excellent at analytical problem-solving
  • Paying close attention to details
  • Have a deeper understanding of both organic as well as inorganic chemistry

Why is Inorganic Chemistry important?

  • Inorganic chemistry plays a fundamental role in quantitive as well as qualitative analysis
  • Inorganic chemistry is involved in the production of medicines
  • Inorganic compounds are mainly used in fertilizers
  • Inorganic chemistry is vital for agricultural pest control
  • Inorganic chemistry is vital for producing coatings as well as paints
  • It is the key to understanding Biochemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry plays a crucial role in organic synthesis. It also deals with the synthesis of inorganic and organometallic compounds

Which Universities offer Inorganic Chemistry in Pakistan?

⁃ University of Agriculture Faisalabad
⁃ University of Peshawar
⁃ Government College University, Faisalabad
⁃ National University of Sciences and Technology
⁃ Quaid-e-Azam University
⁃ University of Karachi
⁃ University of Punjab
⁃ Bahauddin Zakariya University
⁃ And much more

The career and scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan are growing at a rapid pace. Many students are now opting for this field as the scope of inorganic chemistry in Pakistan is quite high. Inorganic chemistry is grabbing the attention of several students. Are you one of them?

Best of Luck!

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