Interested in marketing but don’t know where to start? Marketing is a vast field and one can easily get a good job with a qualification in marketing in Pakistan. The scope of marketing is huge in Pakistan. Similarly, network marketing is also another form of marketing, and it does have a huge scope in Pakistan. Many distributors are using network marketing in Pakistan. So, if you are passionate about network marketing but worried that there is any scope for network marketing in Pakistan, don’t worry we have got your back. In this article, we have discussed the scope of network marketing in Pakistan. So, read on to find out more details about the scope of network marketing in Pakistan.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is also known as team marketing. Network marketing is an effective business model which uses personal recommendations to promote and retail a firm or a company’s services or products. It is a medium of marketing that is mainly used by sellers as well as producers to accelerate their sales rates. Manufacturers deals with a vast number of distributors who develop networks to operate at different levels and often act as independent representatives of a company. These distributors also earn a huge sum of profit, and also expand profit per unit sold.

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What are the pillars of Network Marketing?

There are four main pillars of network marketing which include:

⁃ Vision and branding
⁃ Identifying customer’s pain points
⁃ Generating demand
⁃ Building meaningful relationships with your customers

What is the scope of network marketing in Pakistan?

Network marketing is a great way for companies to earn huge revenues. The jobs available in Pakistan clearly show that the demand for network marketing is high in Pakistan. Network marketing offers various opportunities for its massive customer base to earn passive income as well as micro-entrepreneurship is promoted. The scope of network marketing in Pakistan is good and an individual can easily find a great job.

Jobs for Network Marketer?

⁃ Marketing executive
⁃ Digital services and marketing network
⁃ Marketing officer
⁃ Marketing associate
⁃ Marketing manager
⁃ Social media marketing manager
⁃ Brand associate manager
⁃ Brand manager

Salary of Network Marketer?

The salary depends on the skills, specialization, and work experience of an individual, it also depends on where the person works. The salary also depends on which city a person is working in as the salaries may vary from city to city. But the starting salary in Pakistan is from 75,000-150,000 per month.

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