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Scope of Optometry in Pakistan


Looking to find out about the scope of optometry in Pakistan? Well, you have certainly landed on the right page because in this article we have discussed all the details about the scope of optometry in Pakistan. The scope of optometry in Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace, and it has tremendous job opportunities in the private as well as the public sector healthcare industry. The scope of optometry in Pakistan is seen to be increasing, and it is considered one of the best fields in Pakistan. If you are interested in finding out more about the scope of optometry in Pakistan, then scroll down to read more.

What is Optometry?

The word “optometry” comes from the Greek words opsis which means ‘view’ and metron which means ‘something used to measure’. Optometry is a profession that helps to measure visions, fit lenses to improve visions of people, prescribes as well as detect, and helps to treat eye diseases. Optometry also includes treatment of disorders of the cornea, eyelids, lacrimal system, eyelashes, etc.

What does an Optometrist do?

The optometrists detect defects in vision, problems with general health, diseases of the eye, or any signs of injury. Optometrists perform eye exams to identify problems in the visions. However, there are no medical doctors, but they are licensed to conduct eye exams, treat eye diseases, write prescriptions for glasses, or contact lenses, and much more.

What skills are required to be an Optometrist?

Every profession in the world requires a set of skills. However, the following set of skills are required to be an optometrist:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to concentrate
  • To be well organized
  • Patience
  • Being adaptable
  • Being able to work in a team
  • Critical analytical skills
  • Time management

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What subjects are offered in Optometry?

A wide range of subjects is taught to the students studying Bs optometry. The major subjects which are taught include the following:

  • Development and aging of the visual system
  • Introduction to ocular diseases
  • Visual optics
  • Clinical optometry
  • Contact lenses
  • Perspectives from vision sciences
  • Interior eye therapeutics
    And much more

What is the Scope of Optometry in Pakistan?

Eye care is one of the biggest industries in the world. The scope of optometry in Pakistan is quite huge and in demand. The optometry industry is one of the most popular industries in the whole world. Bs optometry is one of the most demanding professional degree programs. Qualifying optometry leads to the pathway of tons of job opportunities. It is one of the highest-paying professions as well. Thus, the scope of optometry is in demand and is quite high in Pakistan. It certainly is a great career choice because it is highly rewarding.

Why choose to study Optometry?

Well, choosing to study optometry comes with a list of benefits. Optometry is considered one of the best jobs in the world. It is highly rewarding and opens a gateway to tons of job opportunities. Choosing optometry can lead individuals to an exciting yet varied career. Optometrists can have a flexible schedule and can easily maintain work. There is a competitive salary as well as high projections for job growth.

Salary of Optometry in Pakistan

Well, the salary usually depends on the abilities, qualifications, skills, and experience. It also depends on where or in which city the individual works. But the salaries in the field of optometry are typically around PKR 50,000 per month- PKR 200,000 per month. However, the salaries may be, even more, depending on the experience of an individual. The highest pay for an optometrist in Pakistan is typically around PKR 5m per year.

Which universities offer ۃptometry in Pakistan?

There is a huge number of universities offering optometry in Pakistan. Some of them include:

  1. King Edward Medical University
  2. DOW University of Health Sciences
  3. University of Health Sciences
  4. Rawalpindi Medical College
  5. University of Punjab
  6. Rashid Lateef Medical College
  7. Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences

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