Have you ever visited a new country and wondered about how people speak different languages along with different dialects and thought wow that is so cool! This is something great but at the same time, frustrating as well; that how come you are not able to interact with people in Italian, Portuguese, German, or French? This happens because of the various linguistics within the diverse social surroundings of a person. Have you ever thought about what is sociolinguistics? Well, sociolinguistics is a form of study typically around people with unique and different social backgrounds in terms of language and speaking dialects. Do you have a keen interest in sociolinguistics? Do you want to know if there is any scope for sociolinguistics in Pakistan? Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered. You have landed on the right page because in this article we have discussed everything about the scope of sociolinguistics in Pakistan. So, read on to find out more about the scope of sociolinguistics in Pakistan.

What is Sociolinguistics?

Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of all aspects of languages which also includes culture, expectations, context as well as the effects of languages on various societies and their people. It is an interdisciplinary science that is concerned with relationships between different languages, and societies. Sociolinguistics is the branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between languages and societies, it deals with the effects of language on society and the effect of society on a language. However, language is a communication tool for the people, and the societies are the communities for the people, and this place is very important because these language styles of various people reflect the places they belong to.

Scope of Sociolinguistics in Pakistan?

The scope of sociolinguistics in Pakistan is quite high as there are several jobs out there be it in the private sector or public. There is a huge scope. So, if you want to opt for sociolinguistics in Pakistan as your career field then, it is a good choice because not only the future is bright but due to the high demand, the career is quite rewarding and secure.

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Jobs for Sociolinguistics

Well, there are many jobs available in Pakistan in the field of sociolinguistics.

⁃ Professor
⁃ Teacher
⁃ Lecturer
⁃ Applied linguistics
⁃ Psycholinguistic
⁃ Neurolinguistic
⁃ Journalist
⁃ Dialectology

Salary of Sociolinguistics in Pakistan

While the salary depends on the skills, specialization, and work experience of an individual, it also depends on where the person works. The salary also depends on which city a person is working in as the salaries may vary from city to city. But the starting salary in Pakistan is from 35,000 per month – 65,000 per month.

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