University of Management and Technology (UMT) President, Ibrahim Hasan Murad warmly welcomed HE Dr Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al Issa, Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL), H.E Nawaf bin Saeed Al Malki, Ambassador KSA to Pakistan and other esteemed guests here at UMT along with Rector UMT Dr Asif Raza and Professor Sajjad Qamar.

Senator Hafiz Abdul Karim in this introductory speech said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share much in common. He applauded the vital role played by Pakistanis as entrepreneurs, engineers, workers and laborers in Saudi Arabia.

H.E Nawaf bin Saeed Al Malki said I’m grateful to President UMT Ibrahim Murad for inviting me here. He offered full support and assistance to Pakistan and commended the role of UMT in producing remarkable leaders in diverse disciplines. H.E Nawaf bin Saeed assured to maintain strong bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan based on sentiments of brotherhood, love and sincerity. He also prayed for the prosperity and stability of the country.

Addressing the participants, H.E Dr Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al Issa said that the Muslim World League is educating Muslims about the threatening issues of Islamophobia and raising awareness in the West about the true image of Islam as the religion of compassion and kindness. He said it is the need of the hour that the Muslim youth comes forward and inspires the western youth through their noble character rooted in the principles of Quran and Sunnah. He said Islam is the benefactor to humanity irrespective of caste, color, geography and ethnicity, hence the West must not look at Islam and Muslims as fundamentalists, extremists and narrow-minded people. “We believe in interfaith harmony and respect all other religions and faiths. I urge the world leaders to foster inter-faith dialogue between Islam and Abrahamic religions and sit together to find out the solution to Islamophobia”, Dr Abdul Karim said. He added that when the Western World abandons sentiments of hatred and malice against Muslims, half of the mental problems would cease to exist without more ado.

In his concluding remarks, Ibrahim Murad appreciated the endeavors of the Muslim World League for encountering extremist narratives found in the west against Islam and the Muslim World. He urged Muslim scholars to come out with a scholarly response to Islamophobia through proper research and change in behaviors. President UMT further said that UMT in collaboration with the Muslim World League would design effective and comprehensive programs aimed at raising awareness on the subject of Islamophobia. Together we will work for a better perception of Islam and create a better future for the coming generations, he enlightened.

In the end, souvenirs were exchanged among the distinguished guests. Dr Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al Issa accompanied by Nawaf bin Saeed Al Malki also took part in a plant sapling activity at the varsity.

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