Seven hobbies that can help you become a successful student

Seven hobbies that can help you become a successful student

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A successful student is not the one who acquires the highest CGPA in a degree. It takes a lot of characteristics to call yourself a successful person overall. For example, if your learning was just limited to your notes that were required for the exam during your degree, you have missed a lot of things. You need to groom yourself, develop your brain functioning, enhance your learning and intelligence, add to your skills, acquaint yourself with new people and be active in multiple activities in order to call yourself a successful student. Student life is a golden period and you should use this time to learn and develop as many skills and good habits as possible. You have all the energy and time for it. Here are a few hobbies that can make you a successful student overall. 


Meditation is an amazing practice that not only relaxes your brain but helps it grow. Find some time daily to compose yourself, calm down your nerves, breathe gently, stretch your mind and body to their limits, and think about your life matters. During the daily hustle and bustle of life, this is the only activity that saves your nerves from stress and anxiety. It helps with many mental health issues and also improves brain activity. Research has proved that meditation enhances the activity of the prefrontal cortex that helps in decision making. Moreover, people who meditate have better control over their brain waves. 


Everyone is aware of the fact that reading is a great hobby. But no one bothers to know about the benefits. This hobby is not all about learning new things and increasing your intelligence. Though these are the important benefits, this activity also helps in reducing stress, increasing happiness, self-satisfaction, and enhancing emotional intelligence. These are the skills that are needed to perform well in academics too. 

Learning a new language 

Language learning is an amazing hobby that improves brain functioning to a great extent. When you are learning a new language, the brain grows in such a way that its capacity to work on challenging tasks is improved. The brain develops to do mentally strenuous activities even when they are not related to language. So, if you are interested, this is the right time to start learning a new language. 

Mental exercises 

Some people have a hobby of playing games that are tricky and fun. Riddles, puzzles, and Rubik’s cube are examples of such games. They are wonderful to increase intelligence and improve the working of the brain. Like our muscles need some physical exercise to grow, our brain needs some mental exercises. They help our brain to overcome new obstacles and improve problem-solving capability. 

Learning a musical instrument 

Playing a musical instrument is also an amazing hobby. It not only adds to your skills but also improves cognitive functioning. Through brain and muscle coordination, this activity makes our brain more responsive to environmental cues and a better learner. It also helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and makes your mind capable of dealing with unwanted pressures. Moreover, it helps to stay composed during complex and stressful situations and deal with them in a better way.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise should be an important part of everyone’s life. It is the best way to remove all the stress from your mind, to help the brain think clearly, make better decisions, improve physical and mental health, enhance focus, and increase happiness. The key is that you have to be consistent. People who do it for a week and then take a break for a month do not get any long-term benefits.  


Writing is a hobby that not only is good for your mental health but helps you throughout your life. It increases your writing skills, imaginative power, makes you creative and a better thinker. You need writing skills when appearing for an exam, applying for higher studies, and doing your semester reports. So, it is a productive hobby overall. 

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