Seven myths about students from NCA


7 myths about students from NCA

Today we will discuss 7 myths about students from NCA. Make sure to read the article and leave your valuable comment.

The National College of Arts is one of the most renowned institutes in Pakistan. It is known for its outstanding educational facilities in art and design and related subjects. Students from all around the country want to become a part of this prestigious institute but its tough admission criteria and expensive education have made it difficult for everyone to be a part of it.

However, there is only this one category that admires its education and wishes to be a student of it. Others, who do not have any knowledge of arts subjects and do not understand the importance of such institutes in the country, have strange views about it. They think it is another world where students are way different than the majority of educational institutions. Well, most of these views are wrong. There are a few myths about NCA students that are common among other students in the country.

  1. They are just wasting their time

In Pakistan, students studying arts are already discouraged. When it comes to NCA, it is purely an arts college. And, it is way too expensive. So, who would pay this huge amount to study arts? Well, people think like this. So, they think these students are wasting their time and money. However, the students of NCA are usually those with a creative and artistic mind who understand the importance of these subjects. So, they are here for their passion not to waste time.

  1. There is always a party environment on campus

Yes, they are the lucky students to study in a college which always has a party environment on campus. Is it not so? Well, generally people think there is. There is a conception among other students that NCA students have no stress of studies and they go to their college just to do party.

The reality is a little different. Although, there tasks and courses are of different nature they do have projects to complete on certain deadlines. So, there is no party every time on the campus.

  1. The students become drug addicts after going to NCA 

Whenever we have to call a place bad, we call it a place of drug addicts. So, this myth comes from those who think NCA is not the right place for them or anyone to study. So, they think they are drug addicts and anyone who takes admission there becomes the same. Even some people believe an NCA graduate can never be a sober person. Talking about reality, many NCA graduates have made contributions to society and have become big names in the art and design industry. So yes, there are diligent and serious students.

  1. NCA students are perverts 

Yes, the people who do not care for moral principles, who do not value the norms of the society, and are involved in drinking, smoking, and every activity that the society disapproves of. This is what the image of NCA students is in the eyes of general people. To what degree do you agree?

Well, this is not at all based on any factual ground. People generally believe what they like to hear.

  1. They do not have to work hard to graduate

Once you are an NCA student, you are automatically graduated. You do not need to put in any extra effort or to get certain grades. This is what people think studying at NCA is like. Well, the reality is totally opposite. The people studying arts have to put in creative efforts and use all of their mental abilities to complete one project. So, it is really difficult for them to graduate and get a degree.

  1. They just have extra money so they are studying there 

As there is no use of their degree and since they are here just to waste time, this means they just have extra money to spend here. People of Pakistan would not believe that someone can study arts with their passion and interest. So, the common conception is that they, perhaps, have a lot of money to waste. Yes, there are mostly rich people but that is not the reason they are studying at NCA.

  1. NCA is full of ‘burgers’

Pampered kids who do not know how to survive if their parents leave them independent. It is commonly believed that NCA students are the ‘burger kids’ of their parents. Well, not every rich child is a burger.

NCA has successfully produced big names benefiting the industry with their unique talent and expertise. It is one of the biggest names regarding education in arts. So don’t always believe what you listen to from others and what you like to hear. Every institute and its students deserve respect.

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