There are many opportunities waiting for you in Pakistan. The problem is we do not look at all of them. Every year, many PPSC tests are being conducted that cover almost all the fields of education. Where you are a graduate in Botany, Physics, International Relations, English Linguistics, or anything, you have a chance to appear in a PPSC exam.

There is a category of people who do not consider them. Even many of you will not be aware of all the tests that are listed below. Why is it so? The reason is that people are so obsessed with the charm of CSS or PMS exams, they do not imagine anything lesser demanded than that. Well, there are PPSC tests that are way easier than these exams and can get you to really good posts.

So, you should start looking beyond them to increase your chances of getting into a good position in Pakistan. No doubt, CSS has its hype and you would still prioritize it over any other test. But here is a reality check. Very few people have a chance there (as the seats are quite limited), not everyone has those skills to be a good civil services officer (and that is quite alright), and other positions and skill-demanding fields are now reducing its charm. Also, you might get to work in your field of expertise like teaching or engineering instead of some administrative positions. In short, there are a lot of options for you. Some are briefed here.

PPSC tests for lecturers

These vacancies come almost every year under the higher education department. PPSC test for lectureship is one paper test that includes multiple-choice questions related to general knowledge and the specific area of education, generally. However, the department may introduce minor differences which you can check when the vacancies appear. This test is usually for candidates from all fields of education. The number of seats may vary for different departments. The 17th-grade lecturers hired through this test are posted in different colleges.

PPSC tests for engineers

Different government departments have vacancies for engineers. For example, Public Health and Engineering Department, Communication and Works, and Local Government and Community Development, etc. They offer seats during different timelines of the year. So have to keep checking the official PPSC website for it. The engineers hired through PPSC in different departments have 17th grade, a fair chance of growth, and handsome salaries.

PPSC tests for Board of Revenue

For those who can perform well in the revenue department, PPSC tests are a great way for them to get into this department. They have a hold of all the agricultural lands and work their tax management and collection. The posts of Tehsil Dar and Naib Tehsil Dar are usually offered through a PPSC test.

PPSC tests for Police Department

If you are interested in working with the Police department, PPSC tests are again an easy way for it. PPSC test for the vacancies of Sub Inspector, and Assistant Sub Inspector happen and the qualifying candidates are hired at fourteenth and eleventh grade respectively. Although the grades are not very high, but these are significant positions in a police department.

Seats in Local Govts. and Community Development department

This department also hires at multiple positions through the PPSC exam. The main ones are Chief Officers and assistant directors. Ads are of 17th grade whereas the grades of COs vary. These positions are administrative in nature and the hired officers are posted in different cities.

Anti-Corruption Establishment Department

The Anti-Corruption Establishment department also hires assistant directors and sometimes inspectors through PPSC exams. This is a really good department that has fair opportunities for growth and recognition in the country.

Excise and Taxation Department

This is also a well-recognized department of Pakistan that many aspirants wish to be a part of. PPSC conducts one paper test for the hiring of inspectors in this department. However, the hiring of other posts may also occur at the will of the institute.

Stay aware of all the seats opening in different departments on the official website of the Pakistan Public Service Commission. You will surely find some suitable opportunities for you. These tests are way easier than FPSC and other civil services exams. You have to have a good memory and work hard to memorize the general knowledge questions and other ones (based on the specific requirements of the test). With very little effort as compared to other tests, you can be a part of the country’s big departments.

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