The exam period is full of stories. Every student has a different way of studying and dealing with stress. The morning of the exam day is full of explanations that students are giving to each other. Some tell they had guests so they did not study for the exam and some did not have notes. Some of these stories are true and some are not. However, here are the few stories that you always listen to during exams. 

  • I could not wake up at alarm and now I have zero preparation

There is at least one student in the class who will say they could not wake up at the alarm. ‘I left two topics for the morning and then I did not wake up at the alarm. Now I am freaking out because I have no time to prepare them.’ This is what their story looks like. They not only make themselves more anxious but also the people around them through their ghastly stories. 

  • I studied just last night

This is the most common of all stories. There are almost half of the students of the class who explain why they studied just at the last night. Now, some of them are freaking out because, through last-night study, they could not complete the preparation. On the other hand, some of these students are still satisfied. Beware of them because they just tell such stories to freak out others. At the end of the semester, you will find them having good grades and they will say that they don’t know how did they get these marks just through studying at the last night. 

  • I did not have the notes 

These are the legends of the class. They are the students who don’t care about the exams until they have the exam in their hands. The only excuse why they did not prepare for the exam is that they did not have the notes. When you will ask them why they did not have the notes, they will give very genuine reasons. Like, I forgot to buy them, I thought I had them, I lost them, etc. Well, among such students there is also a category who is just faking it. I don’t know why they do this. Perhaps, they just want others to know that they got marks despite not studying. 

  • I studied but now I think I am confused about all the concepts 

These are the students who are always panicking. They give proper time to their studies, prepare for the exams properly, revise the course, and still, they are freaking out because they might have forgotten some facts. They will tell you that nothing is clear in their minds and that every concept is getting confused with other concepts. They will be able to perform well in exams but they just are panicking because they never are happy or grateful. I mean look at the person who forgot to buy notes or the one who could not wake up at the alarm. 

  • I only prepared the selected topics that I know are going to come in the exam 

Some students are over-satisfied with their preparation and with what they know. They will tell you all the important things that are going to come in exams. Not just that, they will have prepared only the selected topics. Sometimes, they are so good with their guesses that the exam actually has the questions they mentioned. So, never take them easy.  

  • I have not studied because my friend will teach me 

These are the dependent types. They rely on their friends who will teach them before exams. Every class has such students that mostly are boys who depend on girls to teach them. Well, they think girls are so nice and innocent to help them prepare for the exams. I think they are clever because teaching others ensures that their concepts are clear and they are ready for exams. So, it is for their own benefit.  

  • I did not have breakfast and my blood pressure is down now 

They are the type of students who are so obsessed with the preparation that they ignore having a proper breakfast. Then when they come to the exam hall their blood pressure is low and they are near fainting. You might be able to take classes without breakfast but handling exam stress without it is not your deal. So please, eat well before the exam.

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