Tips for scoring high on your exams
Tips for scoring high on your exams

Tips for scoring high on your exams

Revising for the last time, ironing your clothes for the day, dealing with the paper anxiety, and eating a good breakfast, there is a lot to handle before exams.  We have prepared 7 Tips for scoring high on your exams. 

Some students skip breakfast, some their morning walk, and some forget to pack all the items for their paper. Well, all of these things affect one’s performance in an exam. An exam is not only the test of your knowledge, it is a challenge for your stress management skills, organizing skills, and overall attitude. 

In order to be fully prepared for your exam, these are the few things that you need to do before that. 

Take a Proper Sleep 

Sleeping for the required hours before the exam is one of the most important tasks. Even if you are used to working for long hours without sleeping, never appears in your paper without proper sleep. Several studies highlight the importance of sleeping for the proper functioning of the brain. If you have been working with a sleepless mind, believe me, you have never worked with all your potential. You will find a significant difference in productivity by working with and without an 8 hours sleep.

Keep your diet Balanced

Before exams, start practicing healthy dieting habits. That does not include cutting down on calories to stay slim. You have to fulfill your nutritional deficiency and water requirement. At least the week before your exams should not go without long eating gaps. Along with having a diet that can fulfill your nutritional needs, make sure not to eat food that makes you lazy. Particularly on the paper morning, have a light but good breakfast. Don’t forget to include coffee or tea that can keep your nerves active. Keep water with you but don’t drink too much of it. 

Set your bag the night before the exam

You do not want to be hurrying up for everything the morning of your exam. You will have to revise some facts or headlines, have time for a good breakfast, and dress up appropriately. These might look like small things, but at the paper morning, even wearing shoes sounds like a task. So, make sure to organize a maximum of the things the night before.

Set your bag, the pens you’ll need, the notes you want to take along, iron your clothes for the morning and try to decide everything for the morning. You do not need to spend the last minutes thinking about other things. 

Leave no preparation for the exam morning

Whether it is your clothes or revision of your syllabus, do not leave them for the paper morning. 

The day before the exam should be for your revision and other preparations. Try to cover your syllabus at least a day before exams. Last day, you revise all the key ideas and that’s it. Now, if you are a person who needs to revise things again and again particularly a few hours before paper, you can use that routine. But that should be an extra revision that you are doing after revising your course on the previous day.  

Do some activities that make you happy

You need to go with a relaxed and happy mind. Do not overwhelm yourself with the syllabus. You need to be equally productive for performing in your exam. When you have used all of your energy to prepare for the exam, you are often unable to perform on the paper. 

So, you can do some activity that helps to relax your mind. Sit with friends, make your breakfast, or do whatever you find healthy for you. 

Deal with the stress and anxiety

A little bit of anxiety and stress is alright for the exam. It will help you stay focused on it. But usually, students are not facing normal anxiety or stress. And, it affects their performance in the exam. If you are a person who is faced with this issue, deal with it beforehand. 

Proper sleep and breakfast can help with it. Every person has a different way of doing it. But make sure yourself enough time to remove the anxiety that can hinder your productivity. 

Do some mindfulness exercise if possible 

You should take a creative, open, and thoughtful mind in your exam. After doing all the preparation, creativity and thoughtfulness are affected to a great extent. Mindfulness exercises can help you bring that back. You can gain the energy you need in the exam. 

Wake up early and do some yoga, walk, or other exercises that you like doing. They make you be completely in the present moment which increases your productivity and efficiency. 

Long story short, nothing works the same for everyone. But the key things that one needs to do to give their full in the exam are the ones listed above.  

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