Seven things to start your day to be ready for the daily challenges

Seven things to start your day to be ready for the daily challenges

Seven things to start your day to be ready for the daily challenges

A student’s life is full of challenges. From taking classes to quizzes, tests, assignments you have to achieve different milestones in a day. You need a lot of energy and motivation to accomplish all these things. Here are a few things that can make you ready for the daily challenges. 

A well-balanced breakfast

 Believe it or not, a healthy breakfast is everything about your day. It can make your day full of energy. Even your motivation and passion to do different things and take on new challenges are derived from the energy you have. You can experiment with it. Spend a day without breakfast (that you must have done and then spend a day with a complete breakfast. You will see a clear difference in your productivity, the tasks that you complete, and your state of mind. 

Exercise and yoga

Exercise boosts motivational and happiness hormones. Likewise, yoga exercises enhance your energy level and your connection with your surroundings. This also increases your response towards your environment thus, increasing your overall productivity. Before your breakfast and shower, running even for fifteen minutes or practicing yoga for thirty minutes can uplift your spirits as nothing can. So, you do not have to spend an hour on it. Calculate your time and give at least twenty minutes to your exercise.  

Waking up early and taking the proper time to get ready

Waking up in a hurry will make your whole day dull and full of regrets. You will not have the energy to complete most of your tasks. Your motivation to actively participate in different activities of the day will die. Moreover, you need to feel like having the energy to accomplish things that you do not have if you give your morning routine hardly fifteen minutes and then rush out for your class. 

On the other hand, if you start your day with a relaxed mind when the first activity is making your bed because you have enough time, you start feeling accomplished from these little acts. Thus, if you want to be happy for the whole day, give your morning routine a good time. 

Music and a little warm-up

Music adds to your vigor and mood. Listen to some good music in the morning to feel motivated the whole day. now, you do not have to find out time to listen to music. You can simply play some lively songs when you wake up and listen to them during the shower, getting dressed up, running, or having breakfast. Particularly, if you do a little warm-up while listening to music, this will make you very passionate about your classes, work, or whatever purpose you have for the day. 

Take some sunlight 

Sunlight is very important to feel lively for your day. People who wake up late are that’s why not very productive for the time left for them. It is supposed to be stimulating the happiness hormones and boost your energy. You need a start of the day that makes you ready for all the upcoming challenges of the day. Whether it is your exams, presentation, some difficult tasks at work, or anything, these little things can make you ready for them. You can also find some time during your break between classes to have some sunbath. However, during summer, the rising sun rays are enough to make you feel great. 


Starting your day by completing small tasks gives you a sense of accomplishment and you are more motivated to complete other tasks of the day. You can do even the tasks that are way difficult than these small things. Reading also gives you the satisfaction that you have started your day with such a productive thing. You do not have to read for an hour. Just read ten five to ten pages and you are good to go.   

Marking your checklist

Your checklist should include the tasks that you have to complete during the day. You can make it before sleeping and then just check it in the morning. Having done that, you will start your day with an intention to complete all the written things. This will ultimately give you enough power and energy to do that. Even if there are one or two things left undone, you will have accomplished the maximum of the things by the end of the day.

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