Seven types of seniors that you find in your department

Seven types of seniors that you find in your department

Seven types of seniors that you find in your department

University life is fun when it comes to the types of people you meet. You find different categories of class-fellows, seniors, juniors, and staff members. When it comes to seniors, there is a whole lot of them ranging from supportive serious ones to the ones who just like being around juniors. Here are seven types of seniors that you must have experienced and the tricks to deal with them. 

The ones who scare you of teachers

Once you start progressing towards senior years, you will find many seniors warning you of different faculty members. No doubt, that is useful information. You need to know about a professor, their attitude in the class, their expectations from students, and their marking criteria. So, this kind of seniors would tell you all about their experiences. They are both good and bad for juniors. Good because they let you be prepared for your classes and exams and bad because they sometimes scare you so much that you cannot focus on studying productively. So, listen to them but always know, they can be exaggerating too. 

The ones who share their notes

These are quite courteous ones. They would help you throughout your degree with their notes. You need someone to guide you for your sessional activities (presentations and exams). This kind of seniors would help you with all the efforts they made during their time through their notes. They would not just let you have them but guide you through them, too. Be always respectful to these seniors and if you ever can, do help them. You might not realize it on time but what they are doing to you is really great. 

The ones who like giving elderly advice no matter what

You will find some seniors who have suggestions for every problem you are going through. No matter what is it, they would come with their so-called expert opinion. They are the ones who love to speak and show off in front of juniors. Also, they love to cast their impression on the department. Being friends with them is alright but do not take their advice very seriously. 

The ones who tell you of exams

Here comes the category that students circle around during exams period. They would tell of every teacher’s strategy of making papers and their marking criteria. Students follow them like mads. There can be two types of these seniors. 

The ones who have studied from the teacher they are talking about and the ones who are guiding you on the basis of others’ experiences. Believe the first ones as they are more likely, to be honest. Ask them about the types of questions you are most likely to get in papers and the teachers’ expectations. This can be a great help for your exams. 

The ones who will become your lecturers

You will see some seniors who are very hardworking, well-read and are loved by teachers. They are mostly master’s level students. There is a high possibility for them to become your lecturers in the future. They are also great if you want help to understand some topics. 

Also, as they have good contacts with teachers, they can be of help in many other terms. For instance, getting your recommendation letters and building your good image in front of them, etc. So, the advice is to be on good terms with them.    

The really supportive ones

These are the seniors who are not everyone’s friends but they support the juniors (who are on good terms with them) in every way possible. This is the talented category of seniors; usually, the ones who are good both in their academics and co-curricular activities or some other domain of life. If you connect with any such senior, you are a lucky one. 

  They will not only guide you through your degree but even in your future endeavors. You will find them advising you for your career, next degrees, and many other things. Be great with them and never lose them.

The flirts 

This is the funny and weird category of seniors. You will find some seniors, particularly males if you are a girl, who would help you just to be around you. First, you will find them really great. They will give you notes, elderly suggestions, and favor you in many possible ways. With time, you will start realizing they are flirting with you. Moreover, they will be around any well-dressed and good-looking girl of the department. They can waste your time and energy sometimes. So, take help if they are doing it with all their will but stop them before they are disturbing you. 

University life is about experiencing and learning. The more people you meet, the more you know about the world. So, do socialize and use this time to enhance your exposure. 

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