Struggling to find a prominent place in your class? Many students fail to be bright students in the eyes of teachers and students despite their good scores. To be a student that others wish to be like, you have to be good in multiple areas. This sounds like a lot but a successful student is only the one who can manage different things at once. Here are a few things that can make you an outstanding student in the eyes of teachers and students.  

Find time for daily lectures and notes

Some students get good scores in their final exams without studying with lectures on a daily basis. This might get you a good CGPA but you do not get a good standing in your class. Studying your lectures and revising them on daily basis will give you confidence in the class. Also, you will start understanding the lectures better. Once the students know you are better at grasping the concepts, they will start giving you importance. 

Start participating in the class

When you are preparing your lectures daily, you ultimately get the courage to contribute to the class. Well, if you do not have that courage, start doing it. You can ask questions that are on your mind or add to what the professor is teaching. The questions start arising once you have an understanding of the concepts. So, show some courage and speak in the class. You have all the right to ask and learn in the class so there is no problem in even asking a stupid (which you might think so) question. Your knowledge is of no use until others can benefit from it. Moreover, the class and the teachers will not recognize your importance until you show them what you have. 

Don’t just stick to studies 

There are many students who come to the university, take classes, sit in the library and then go back. They will never have that charm in their personality that other desire. Moreover, they stick to just one source of learning where you have many other options, too. so, in order to expand your learning and to groom your personality, you have to do things other than studies too. spend time with fellows, play games with them, and study things other than your courses too. the last thing is very important because you can only have a mature point of view about an idea when you are aware of all the circumstances around you. This you can only get through studying. 

Find some co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are an amazing way to enhance your exposure. Moreover, if you want people in the university to know you, this is a great means. When you are active in let’s say debates, dramatics, or literary societies, you get a lot of opportunities to represent your university in other institutes. This increases your worth in the eyes of teachers. Also, your fellow students start considering you a star. Thus, you can be a prominent student in your class.  

Socialize and make friends

Never isolate yourself in your class. Not only it will hamper your learning and skills but also make you an unlikeable student for others. University is meant to be making new friends, meeting people, and learning new things. This also helps you to groom your personality which other students, who are not versatile enough, fail to do. Furthermore, when more people start knowing you, you become a more prominent figure in your class. Just taking classes and going back to your home can get you good scores but stops your learning to just that extent. 

Act cool even in the stressful situations

Attitude matters a lot. If you want people to appreciate you, like your traits, and to wish to become like you, bring some changes in how you act. The students who freak out the moment they get a quiz or who are dying with anxiety during exams only make others uncomfortable. When you have confidence in your knowledge and the preparation for your quizzes or exams (which you will get by following the first two steps), you automatically start getting less worried for them. So, act cool when the teacher tells you about the syllabus of your exams or any other situation that students find stressful.    

Use your knowledge to make unique presentations

Reading books, exploring, and participating in different activities give you enough ideas to think about and use in your studies. You can use them in introducing new topics in your presentations and assignments. Presentations are the way your fellows and teachers judge you in different ways. So, be careful and very well prepared for them.

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