Shariah law is widely supported in Pakistan: Dr. Hafiz Ikram-ul-Haq


The Ziauddin University’s Faculty of Law organized the enriching conversation with Dr. Hafiz Ikram-ul-Haq, the federal secretary of the Council of Islamic Ideology to get an opinion and analysis of the expert about the Islamic principles in the constitution of Pakistan.

The session was moderated by Syed Muaz Shah, director of the ZU Law Faculty Centre for Human Rights. On the occasion, Dr. Hafiz Ikram-ul-Haq said the Council of Islamic Ideology is a permanent constitution body of Pakistan under 1973, which is composed by ‘ulema’ and legal experts to advise the President and the Parliament on laws that are consistent with Quran and Sunnah, he said shariah law is widely supported in Pakistan.

Secretary of council of Islamic ideology explained the students of Allama Iqbal’s 6th lecture about the principle of movements in the structure of Islam that how to take Islam and modern world together in which he said that “the decision of making Islamic ideology constitution in the parliament was mandatory. By clearing the concept of fraternity in the constitution, I agree that it’s sadden to know that there is still no further effect of law on the final report after 1996”.

“Before Pakistan when Quaid-e-Azam supported the idea of Allama Iqbal during the season of Round Table Conferences he wants Muslims to also have rights in the framework of the constitution which was in making for the future but he got failed, Allama iqbal also attended one of its session but return then he gave lecture on presidential address in Lahore All India Muslim Conference in which he asked for the permission to get the separate assembly for the Muslims in which only Muslim rulers and ullema’s make discussions and laws”, he carried out.

“In 1940 when Pakistan resolution got pass after that they made a committee which was finance by Nawab Saeed Ahmed Chataari who was prime minister of Hyderabad Deccan Islamic state and also the minister of united state at that time put some famous great scholars to make the Muslim laws.

During the Q&A session he answered some question asked by the students of law and other general students who attended the seminar of Islamic ideology, by clearing the confusions “I understand that there is gender imbalance in our country but our constitution allows one or more than one woman in the council as there were several women who participated in the council before and has full right to put her involvement in making the laws”.

“There is an example of the articles 227-231 of the constitution of Pakistan enlighten the Holy Quran and Sunnah that the way we take care of the Muslims rights same goes for the non-Muslim nothing is going to affect their personal laws they can live freely in the state”, Dr Haq further stated.

“Ayub Khan stated “no law should be against Islam” after when the assembly got permission to work there was an argument took place because of the finance bill after that constitution got a lot of changes in it. Ayub khan first changes the state name into Islamic republic of Pakistan second he defines Islam third he removes should and put shall, forth when they ask Islamic council to stay calm and work when they’re ask but again there were a lot of problems taking place after that Bhutto era started Ethereum constitution there were Islamic research institute to help in Council “he further added.

Dr.Ikram-ul-Haq differentiate the meaning of federal and Islamic council by stating “Islamic council helps in making legislation and federal council helps in making law” while answering the question of a student who asked about the transgender right he stated “enlightening section(3) In Islamic constitution every transgender being the citizen of Pakistan has right to let himself or herself registered according to self-perceived gender identity”.

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