SHC Directs Fee Exemption For Orphans In All Private Education Institutes


The Sindh High Court in a historic verdict on Wednesday ordered all private education institutes in the province to exempt orphans from all kinds of school fee. Besides the fee exemption for orphans, the SHC also directed the provincial government to allocate 10 million  for different orphanages in their jurisdiction, annually.

The court also ordered the government to legislate a law for orphan’s enrolment in different education institutes across the province. Emphasising on the rights of orphans, the court ordered the government to register all orphans as per the law and asked the Sindh’s chief secretary to look into the matter personally.

The court also ordered to plan a mechanism through which abandoned children could be given an identity and directed the orphans’ board to meet on a quarterly basis.

Just to mention, almost 22.5 million children in Pakistan are out-of-school, majority of which are girls, per the findings of Human Rights Watch (HRW) released on November 13, last year. The 111-page report “Shall I Feed My Daughter, or Educate Her? Barriers to Girls’ Education in Pakistan” found children in Pakistan had no access to education due to the shortage of schools, particularly for girls. The PTI-led government has promised to ensure quality education for all and is emphasising on the implementation of a uniform education system, so that out-of-school girls can also acquire equality education.


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