SHC Orders Swift Action on Teacher Shortages

SHC Orders Swift Action on Teacher Shortages

SHC Orders Swift Action on Teacher Shortages

The Sindh High Court (SHC) was informed that around 540 previously closed schools have reopened, but 2,769 government schools in the province still lack teachers.

Justice Salahuddin Panhwar, leading a single bench of the SHC, received updates on the ongoing teacher recruitment process. A committee has been formed to address staffing needs based on census data.

Government officials reported that the finance department is prioritizing the repair of public-sector schools, with the initial phase targeting 250 schools as recommended by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The SHC issued a show-cause notice to the additional finance secretary for his absence and summoned the finance secretary to explain delays in approving new expenditures (SNEs) submitted by the education department to reopen closed schools.

The court was hearing a 2019 petition and had previously ordered the education authorities to draft recruitment rules, noting that over 7,000 teachers are set to retire by December 2025. The SHC directed that no school should close due to a lack of staff and ordered the recruitment process to start six months before teachers’ retirement.

The school education department secretary reported compliance with the court’s order, indicating that reminders had been sent to the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) regarding teacher appointments.

The bench instructed the SPSC chairman to complete the recruitment process within three months. The report indicated that new teachers would be posted to viable schools where staff retirements are anticipated soon.

The SHC ordered that appointment orders for subject specialist teachers recommended by the SPSC be issued within 15 days. The court emphasized the need to approve the SNEs for closed schools to ensure their functionality. The finance department was instructed to approve the SNEs promptly to ensure uninterrupted education for all citizens.

The bench requested a comprehensive record of all funds received from foreign donors over the past five years and warned the secretary of school education to comply or appear in person.

The court also directed the school education department to implement a policy similar to the college department’s, mandating a minimum service period for newly appointed teachers within their assigned districts and to include a clause in appointment orders outlining the consequences of violating the transfer policy.

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