Senator Syed Shibli Faraz, Federal Minister for Science & Technology visited the National Institute of Oceanography. The Minister inaugurated the Integrated Physical Oceanographic Laboratory (IPOL) at NIO and Dr. Samina Kidwai, Director General, NIO briefed the Minister about the PSDP project under the Prime Minister’s Performance Agreement “Monitoring the Sea Water Intrusion, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Erosion& Land Subsidence Along Sindh and Baluchistan

The Integrated Physical Oceanography Lab at NIO Physical oceanography section will act as a nucleus where all Physical parameters and associated data will be received and analyzed with the help of the latest technology.

The efforts made by the scientists of the National Institute of Oceanography and project team in the field of Ocean Science were appreciated by the Honourable Minister with the hope that the institute will continue to flourish and expand its research activities. Federal Minister and Federal Secretary for Science and Technology also visited various laboratories of the Institute and briefly met with the scientists and discussed the research being carried out by them.

The Minister emphasized that the NIO’s project findings will provide baseline data which ultimately help assess damages, and provide the basis for suggesting and formulating policies for mitigating the Sea water intrusion, Sea level rise and mapping of land subsiding zone along the Pakistan coast

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