In an unfortunate incident in Lahore’s Chung Town housing society, a female medical student, recently relocated from Saudi Arabia for education with her family, was fatally shot during a dispute. The altercation ensued after an underage driver, Abdur Rehman, collided his car with the victim’s family vehicle, sparking a heated argument.

Following the collision, the underage driver summoned his uncle, who arrived and opened fire, resulting in the tragic demise of the medical student. The FIR indicated reckless driving on the part of the underage driver, culminating in the fatal confrontation.

Two suspects have been apprehended by the authorities, with a weapon recovered, while three additional suspects remain at large. Distressed by the influential pressure from the suspects to reconcile, the victim’s family has reached out to the Punjab Chief Minister seeking protection.

This devastating incident echoes another recent tragedy in Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority, where an underage driver’s reckless actions led to the deaths of six family members in a collision. The driver, Afnan Shafqat, deliberately rammed his car into the victims’ vehicle, causing immeasurable loss and trauma.

Both incidents highlight the grave consequences of reckless driving and the urgent need for stringent measures to prevent such devastating outcomes.”

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