Shuja-u-Zaman Khan Shad’s poetry collection “Sharh-e-Arzoo”

Shuja-u-Zaman Khan Shad’s poetry collection “Sharh-e-Arzoo”

Shuja-u-Zaman Khan Shad's poetry

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Tuesday launched Shuja-u-Zaman Khan Shad’s poetry collection “Sharh-e-Arzoo” at Hasina Moin Hal Ahmad Shah Building.

The launching ceremony was presided over by Akram Kanjahi while Dr. Mukhtar Hayat , Dr. Nuzhat Abbasi, Afsar Saeed Khan, Writer Shuja-U-Zaman Khan Shad, Shakib Alzaman, and Faraz also expressed their views. Also,  Akhtar Saeedi, Hamida Kashish, and Khalid Danish presented their essays.

Addressing the ceremony, Akram Kanjahi said that Shuja Shad has diversity. He is a poet of modernity. I congratulate Shuja Shad on making the first love successful.

Dr. Mukhtar Hayat said that Shuja Shad has seen and felt life very closely and expressed it in a very beautiful and effective way in the form of Sharh Arzoo.

Zeb Azkar said that the confidence and creative spirit with which Shuja Shad is engaged in the field of poetry is not the dream of everyone. Commitment is determined and its attainment heralds the arrival of all languages.

Expressing his views, Dr. Nuzhat Abbasi said that poetry is a mirror that reflects not only the life and personality of the poet but also the shadows of the times and society.

Afsar Saeed Khan said that many poets came and burned Urdu. According to the old scholars, this world is an idea. We who think radically and extremely cannot find this idea but we can realize it. Shuja Shad has summed up this idea and presented it in the form of Sharh Arzoo.

Poet and writer Shuja Shad said that he is very grateful to the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah who has made Karachi the cradle of creative and literary activities. He said that the accusation of poetry and literature is very old. “It is my inherited hobby but I am not a perfect man”.

Sultan Ghaznavi said that his wife has a big hand in the success of Shuja Shad. I congratulate her. So it is like an oyster that absorbs the diameter of rain and makes pearls.

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