Shura Hamdard paid tribute to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan


The members of Shura Hamdard Karachi Chapter paid glowing tributes to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program in a monthly Shura Hamdard meeting held yesterday titled: “Seldom is the one with a true vision born in the garden,” to remember the accomplishments and national services of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, at Hamdard Corporate Head Office. Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan also attended the meeting.

Dr. Qadeer was fondly remembered as a humanitarian and kind-hearted person with immense love for the nation and a devoted Pakistani patriot. Speaker Justice (r) Haziq-ul-Khairi presided over the meeting. He said: “A strong-willed individual, founder of Pakistan’s nuclear and missile program, Dr. Qadeer’s contributions to Pakistan will always be etched in our memory. His sudden demise was a great loss to all of us.”

He recalled how the Muslim world was jubilant over Pakistan becoming the first Muslim country to acquire nuclear power status. “Random strangers in Muslim countries were congratulating Pakistanis. Dr. Qadeer made such a remarkable moment of pride possible for all Pakistanis. For that we owed him gratitude,” he said.

Sultan Ahmed Chawla, a prominent business leader said: “Remembering Dr. Qadeer and his invaluable services to the nation as a nuclear scientist and a proactive social worker. His vision and leadership will continue to guide us. He was a selfless, down-to-earth person and the epitome of wisdom and hard work.”

Abdul Haseeb Khan said: “Few Pakistanis in the 21st century enjoyed the kind of popular support and admiration experienced by Dr. Qadeer evidenced by the unanimous backing of the general public on his social work initiatives. Born in Bhopal in 1931, Dr. Qadeer was a true Pakistani from his heart. He always encouraged patriotism in young people and genuinely believed Pakistan could be a superpower.

Musarat Akram said: “He was a distinguished scientist, a visionary patriot & above all a great human being. His stellar contribution strengthened our defence capabilities. He is a source of inspiration for all of us. He dedicated his life to making Pakistan strong, prosperous, and capable.”

Dr. Rizwana Ansari said: “Renowned for his accomplishments in the field of science and technology and referred to as the father of Pakistan’s atom bomb, he endeared himself to the masses through his simplicity, humility, and his humanitarian outlook.” She also urged the government to launch a scholarship program to honour Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Dr. Tanveer Khalid said: “Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan dedicated his entire life serving his motherland. His contributions will never be forgotten. Chairs must be established in universities in the name of Dr. Qadeer.”

Safia Malik said: “Nation must pay tribute to Dr. Qadeer by realizing his dream of a self-reliant and strong nation.”

Zafar Iqbal said: “Because of Dr. Qadeer, Pakistan is among a niche group of nuclear power countries.”

Ibn-ul-Hassan said: “Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has solidified Pakistan’s defence. This is perhaps one of the greatest national services to Pakistan.”

Col. (r) Mukhtar Ahmed Butt: “Dr. Qadeer decided to leave behind his comfortable life in the west and moved back to Pakistan. He was a great individual, a blessing of Allah to Pakistan.”

Justice (r) Zia Pervez said: “Dr. Abdul Qadeer is a beacon of hope for us.”

Usman Damohi said: “Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah founded Pakistan and Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan strengthened its defence. He should be remembered as a great hero of Pakistan.”

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