The Director General Livestock Sindh Dr Nazeer Hussain Kalhoro said that lumpy skin disease is an infectious, eruptive, occasionally fatal disease of cattle characterized by nodules on the skin and other parts of the body. He mentioned that secondary bacterial infection often aggravates the condition.

He shared that due to this the capacity of milk and meat of the animal gets affected, therefore, it causes financial loss to the owners of the cattle. The provincial DG Livestock Dr Nazeer Hussain Kalhoro said that in normal circumstances, this does not cause a lot of deaths of cattle but those cattle owners who have inserted smuggled vaccines in their affected cattle, it poses a great threat to them.

He was addressing at a seminar on lumpy skin disease organized by the Association of Molecular and Microbial Sciences and the Department of Microbiology University of Karachi.

He informed that a mass vaccination campaign is about to start which will help in the eradication of this disease. He informed the audience that this cannot be transmitted to human beings while milk and meat can be used.

Meanwhile, a faculty member Dr Muhammad Sohail said that our organization is striving to aware the masses of this disease and will organize more awareness seminars to provide authentic information to the public.

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