Sindh Education Minister opposes SNC


Provincial Education Minister Sardar Shah in a statement has said that the Sindh government won’t adopt the Single National Curriculum.

“We have already expressed our reservations on the SNC. After 18th amendment, education is a provincial subject. Therefore, provinces have the right to develop its own curriculum”

Shah said that the implementation of the SNC is not mandatory for every province. But it’s up to the provinces to accept the same curriculum or not. Also, the federal government cannot impose its unconstitutional decisions on every province. In the light of the 18th amendment, we have the power to make our own decision.

He pointed out that the Federal Minister Shafqat Mehmood had said that SNC is a part of PTI’s manifesto. Therefore, it is not obligatory for Sindh government to fulfill the election manifesto of PTI. It isn’t a part of the constitution to be followed.

He said that Pakistan People Party believes in the supremacy of the constitution. The SNC cannot be a national and uniform curriculum without the participation of Sind. “We stand on our principled position. Sindh will accept only good things of the scientific subjects. But in social studies each province has its own history, culture and heroes.

We have included lessons on national heroes in our curriculum. If we want to teach Sindhi with Urdu and English, it is our constitutional and historical right and we won’t give up.

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