Sindh government bars examiners from using and bringing mobile phones to exam centers


To prevent leaking of question papers from the exam centers, the Advisor to Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Universities and Boards Nisar Khuhro has barred the board staffers including invigilators, examiners and teachers from brining mobile phone to exam centers.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the advisor has said that there would be a complete ban on bringing mobile phones to the exam centers. “No one would be allowed to use mobile in the exam centers. There will be a complete ban on bringing and using mobile phones and internet devices. The board staffer, invigilators, externals and internal examiners and students will not be allowed to use mobile phones”.

He said that the management should also search the board staffers and students before the examination papers start in the examination centers and no one should be allowed to take their mobile phones inside. If a mobile phone was found inside the examination center, it would be confiscated.

Khurho said that the issue of leaked papers is being investigated. After which strict action would be taken against the responsible persons. The administration and the police should strictly enforce Section 144 within the limits of examination centers.

He said that the eradication of copying culture must be discouraged. Using unfair means in exams will not be tolerated under any circumstances as copy culture the system of higher education. We have to get rid of the cheating culture.

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