Sindh Information and Labour Minister, Saeed Ghani, has said the Sindh government has the aim to partner with the bona fide non-governmental organisations, which have been striving hard to enroll out-of-school children in the province.

The Sindh Information Minister express the intention to this effect while speaking as the chief guest to the participants of a Fun Gala organised at a famous holiday resort of Karachi for 1,200 orphan students enrolled in the charitable schools of the non-profit Green Crescent Trust (GCT).The Sindh Information Minister said on the occasion that the charities like the GCT had been doing an excellent job by furthering the cause of the government to provide quality and proper education to every child regardless of his or her social status.

He appreciated the GCT’s partnership with the Sindh Education Foundation to run schools for the underprivileged communities in the province as this alliance should be further expanded.He said the enrollment of the out-of-school children in Sindh was indeed a gigantic task as the provincial government did need the support of the sincere non-governmental organizations to achieve this goal.

He said the provincial Labour Department had the intention to launch partnerships with the non-profits like the GCT to educate children of the labourers in the province.He appreciated the special program of the GCT to ensure welfare, quality education, and entertainment of the orphan students enrolled in its charitable schools throughout Sindh.

Speaking on the occasion, GCT CEO, Zahid Saeed, thanked the donors, supporters, and sponsors of the GCT, which enabled the non-profit to run a special program for the orphan students enrolled in its charitable school network.He said the Fun Gala was a regular annual feature for the orphan students as such programs would also be held shortly by the GCT in Hyderabad and Larkana.

He said the GCT had been running a network of 155 charitable schools in the backward areas of Sindh having an enrollment of 29,000 students belonging to destitute families.Zahid Saeed said the GCT had been making progress to achieve its vision-2025, which aimed to increase the number of its schools in Sindh to 250 with an enrollment of a total of 100,000 students from underprivileged families.

Both Sindh Information Minister and GCT CEO expressed gratitude to the management of the holiday resort for granting a special opportunity to the orphan students from the deprived families of Sindh to spend a day full of fun and entertainment as like the regular resort members.

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