Sindh Govt to Implement Drug Tests in Schools

Sindh Govt to Implement Drug Tests in Schools

Sindh Govt to Implement Drug Tests in Schools

Sindh’s Senior Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has announced that the provincial government will initiate drug testing in educational institutions starting in July.

Previously, the minister had revealed that provincial authorities would carry out random drug tests in educational institutions in Karachi. According to Memon, some students will be selected for random testing, and their identities will remain confidential. “If a student tests positive for drugs, their parents will be informed, and the student will be asked to disclose the source of the drugs,” he added.

However, the government will not pursue legal action against such students. The minister also addressed the issue of street crimes in Karachi, claiming that the situation has improved recently. He mentioned that the police force will soon be equipped with modern weapons to combat criminals effectively.

Additionally, Memon noted that heatwave relief camps have been established to support those affected by the extreme weather conditions. He also confirmed that several meetings have been held to manage the rain emergency across Sindh province, assuring the public that the administration is fully prepared to handle any challenges posed by adverse weather.

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