Sindh to introduce Transgender Education Policy

Sindh to introduce Transgender Education Policy

Sindh to introduce Transgender Education Policy

The Education and Culture Minister of Sindh, Syed Sardar Ali Shah, has said that Sindh is going to be the first province to approve the Transgender Education Policy. The Pakistan Peoples Party has consistently shown its commitment to promoting the welfare of marginalized communities, and today, they demonstrated their dedication to ensuring equal educational opportunities for transgender individuals in the country. This historic announcement was made during an important meeting held here in Karachi, where the Transgender Education Policy draft and its implementation plan were discussed with key stakeholders.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chief Advisor JICA Abid Gul, Chief Advisor Curriculum of School Education Department Dr. Fozia Khan, and other officials. During the the meeting, extensive deliberations took place on the Transgender Education Policy, and valuable feedback from the community was taken into account to shape the final policy.

Speaking about the challenges faced by the transgender community in accessing education, Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah emphasized the importance of integrating them into the educational landscape to eliminate societal prejudices. To ensure this, the government plans to establish Transgender Schools in each divisional headquarters initially. These schools will be strategically located in areas with a significant transgender population.

The Minister acknowledged that due to social biases and lack of proper education, transgender individuals often miss out on employment opportunities. He stressed that it is the state’s responsibility to provide equal educational opportunities to every citizen under Article 25-A of the Constitution. Just like any other citizens, transgender individuals are an integral part of the nation, and it is imperative to empower them with quality education and protection of their rights.

Highlighting the inclusivity of the Transgender Education Policy, Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah stated that besides formal education, non-formal and technical education will also be integral components of the policy. This holistic approach aims to equip transgender individuals with a diverse set of skills to help them thrive in various fields.

The Minister informed that the policy formulation has been a consultative process, and the valuable suggestions and recommendations from the transgender community have been incorporated. After the policy’s approval, further collaboration with the community will take place to ensure effective implementation. This collaboration will pave the way for a society where transgender individuals can confidently claim their rights and enjoy the privileges accorded to all citizens.

The Transgender Education Policy marks a significant step towards a more inclusive and equal society in Sindh. The Pakistan Peoples Party reaffirms its commitment to uplifting marginalized communities, and with this policy, they have set a commendable example for the rest of the country.

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