Rich tributes were paid to leading physician and Nephrologist Prof Dr Syed Ali Jaffar Naqvi at a memorial meeting organized by Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).

Prof Syed Jaffar Naqvi, who was fondly considered the father of nephrology, a specialized branch of renal treatment, in the country passed away in recent weeks.

Renowned doctors and 7 renowned medical experts from various parts of the world took part in memorial services along with their Pakistani counterparts to pay homage to a Pakistani doctor who placed the country on the global map of the medical world.

Prof Syed Jaffar Naqvi Memoriam

The proceedings began with his daughter who is a senior nephrologist from Chicago. Speakers pointed out that due to his incomparable dedication and unrelenting determination Prof Syed Jaffar Naqvi established the first registry of dialysis patients in the country that has completed 14th year of its existence. Dialysis registry plays a crucial role in treatment of patients of the end stage renal disease.

Professor Adib Rizvi Director SIUT and himself a leading urologist of the country also paid glowing tributes to his senior colleague and said late Dr Jaffar Naqvi was instrumental in his career building. Surgeon Rizvi said late nephrologist as a founder of establishing and developing the specialized field of nephrology in Pakistani medical institutions has greatly contributed toward betterment of our health system.

The senior most nephrologist from New Delhi used an imagery that coming from the same region the two became giants in Pakistan and he contributed from India. Also, on the occasion there were many distinguished members of Dr Naqvi’s family.

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