Six co-curricular activities are the best to pursue during university


University s not all about studying. If you want to learn the maximum during this phase of your life, you will have to participate in some co-curricular activities. There are a lot of opportunities for you at the campus. Some most important activities that can help you learn and groom yourself are described here. 

Parliamentary debates

If you want to test your knowledge, build leadership skills, learn sportsmanship. Enhance reading habits, polish your arguments, and want to be called a well-read person, parliamentary debates are an amazing opportunity for you. Being a parliamentary debater means you are going to be actively involved in the process of learning. It is a challenging mental activity that requires you to use all your reasoning skills to win a tournament. Every year, almost all the big universities of Pakistan, particularly Lahore, hold national-level tournaments and quite a number of teams participate. You can join the parliamentary debating society of your university to start your debating journey.   


If you are good at directing, acting, or management, dramatics is a good place to test your skills. You get to explore different places and institutes through competitions. Moreover, it is also a great opportunity if you simply want to polish your skills. You get a chance to learn from your errors, improve your acting and management skills, and might get a chance to know about people from the theatre and showbiz industry. Along with that, it is a great activity if you simply want to be a part of some co-curricular activity without having the purpose to pursue it. It allows you to spend quality time where you make good friends and learn at the same time.  

Music society  

If you are good at music and have the passion to pursue your skills, music societies in your university can be a great start for you. Almost every university has a music society. Being a part of such a society gives you a chance to learn professional skills before you are actually a professional. If you simply want to pursue music as a hobby, spending time with friends who have the same interests and having fun can be the most memorable activity of your university life. 

Social service societies 

Some people don’t count it as a co-curricular activity. However, it is something that you are carrying out along with your studies at the university level, it is nothing less than that. So, if you want to do some service for society, there would be numerous social service platforms at your university that you can be a part of. Moreover, if you want to pursue your education abroad, it can count as a plus point in your CV. So, you are adding to your credentials by engaging in social service. It also helps you in many other ways like building teamwork and leadership skills when you have to work on some projects. 

Literary society

University life should be full of learning. And if there can be a society that can make you truly a learned person who has groomed herself through knowledge and studying, it is a literary society. If you have a passion for writing, no matter what genre, go and enroll yourself in the literary society of your institute. This can be the best opportunity for you to enhance your skills. Along with that, you learn from the seniors and other literary persons and this is the chance that you very rarely get in your life. 


Sports are amazing activities that are good both for physical and mental health. Along with that, they make you learn a lot of skills. From sportsman spirit to leadership skills, teamwork, emotional management, and skills enhancement, they make you a better person overall. Sports are also great for psychological health. They make you passionate and more motivated for a particular goal. Along with that, they open your mind and make you a good learner. 

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