Six fascinating Earth Day facts

Six fascinating Earth Day facts

Earth Day facts
Don’t know much about Earth Day?

April 22 is Earth Day, a day where humans around the globe take a minute to be grateful for this planet and all the great natural resources it provides us with. It’s a day that makes us realize what we can do best to make sure of how our future generations will also be able to enjoy these natural resources.
Here are a few fun facts about Earth Day.

  1. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970

About 20 million Americans took part in the inaugural Earth Day back in 1970. It was specially timed to fall between spring break and final exams so that more students could participate.

  1. Earth Day was inspired by Vietnam war protestors

This movement was started in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson after he noticed people protesting the Vietnam War but not putting any pressure on government about the damage which was being done to the planet by all the chemicals and deadly smog.

  1. Earth Day is always on April 22

Earth Day is always on April 22 so you will never have to guess which day to celebrate because it never changes.

  1. Everyone can participate in Earth Day

People of all ages can march, clean up communities, reduce waste and plant trees with smart earth day tips. Governments often use earth day to announce sustainability measures and pledges to support the environment.

  1. Earth Day has its own theme song

The earth Day anthem was written in 2013 by an Indian poet Abhay Kumar. And it has since been recorded in all official UN languages.

  1. Each year, the Earth Day theme changes

In 1990, the spotlight was on global mobilization of environmental issues which focused mainly on recycling. In 2000 it was about global warming and clean energy. In 2010, it marked the world’s largest environmental service project- A billion acts of green and a climate change rally. In 2021, the theme was restoring our earth, the main objective was to save the planet and make it a healthy place. In 2022, the theme was invested in our planet.

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