Six habits to adopt if you want to study and work part-time


In Pakistan, the culture of part-time work is not very in. First, the jobs that students can manage to do are seen from a disrespectful eye. And second, they are discouraged to do it because why not their parents afford their education? People will say what they have to say, it is really brave of you if you are managing your part-time work with your studies. And, if you are bearing your expenses, you are a brilliant student. Here are a few habits that will help you manage both of these things without getting overwhelmed. 

Sleep-wake routine

First and foremost, if you bring your sleep-wake cycle into a routine, you are resolving half of your problems. Your health issues, both physical and mental, are associated with it. So, instead of finding time to deal with them, prevent them in the beginning. Adopt the behaviors that are going to benefit you in managing all the tasks of the routine while still keeping you healthy and fresh. Having a sound sleep and waking up on time gives you the motivation and energy to start your day and deal with all the challenges. 

Study daily for a few hours

Now, when you are doing a part-time job along with attending classes, you have very little time each day for your studies. Still, you need to take out some time for revising your lectures or preparing for the next lectures every day. Why? See, your job cannot give you leave when an unexpected quiz is announced or when you have your exams. even you manage to take a few days off, they can only be the test days. So, if you are taking one to two hours out of your daily routine, it can save you time in the end and you will be able to manage your job with your studies. 

Take a healthy diet and never miss on it

Healthy eating is one of the most important things. During our everyday struggle, we often miss a healthy diet. There is this one thing that you have to keep in mind. No matter what happens in your life, you have to take care of your diet because only that is going to give you the power to deal with it. Now imagine you are having a poor diet but working day in and day out. You will be able to manage the hard work until you collapse. So, if you want to keep working and studying consistently, you will have to take care of your diet.

Discipline your life 

You must be thinking about how is it possible to manage all of the work and then diet and good sleep. Well, multitaskers do this and still manage to stay healthy. How? They discipline their lives to an extent that they do not find healthy eating, studying, or waking up early a burden. Once you follow a routine until it becomes your habit, you do not need a lot of willpower to do it. Thus, start practicing healthy and disciplined habits until they become just a part of your life. 

Work with the end goal in mind 

When you get tired and feel there is too much that you are handling at a time, think about the end goal. You are struggling for a bigger cause so this struggle will bring you to the real aim. This, though very hard, is just a timely thing. In short, motivate yourself by thinking about the results of this hard work. This will not only motivate you to keep working consistently but also keep you on the right track. 

Never compare yourself

This I will call the most important thing. A big mistake that we all do and get disappointed in is comparing ourselves with others. We look at other people who are not struggling this hard but still have a better lifestyle. Or you might think that the luxuries that you are striving for; others already have it. Remind yourself that your struggle is only yours and that is why it is unique. You are the hero of your life and only you can conquer it. If others have chosen to spend an easy life, it has nothing to do with you. So, stay confident and satisfied with your life. 

It is not very easy to manage part-time work with studies and if you are able to do it, you really deserve some appreciation.

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