Six habits to defeat procrastination

Six habits to defeat procrastination

habits to defeat procrastination

Procrastination is a hell of a habit that makes you a part of such a vicious cycle that you can never escape it. No one can relate to it better than you if you are a student. However, it is not impossible to defeat this habit. You have to be strong, realistic, and a little hardworking for that. If you think you have these capabilities, these habits to defeat procrastination. 

Denying the reason for procrastination

The best way to fight your procrastination is to deny the cause of it. Getting rid of the root cause of your procrastination can get you away with it forever. So, whenever you feel like delaying your task to tomorrow, next week, or for the last dates before the deadline, think about why you are doing it. It can be about staying in your comfort zone, tell yourself that comfort zone never brings you the desired results. If it is about your belief that even doing it on the last day will get you the required score, tell yourself doing it earlier can benefit your more. Read this article about procrastination to know more.  

Taking a start no matter what

The next habit to defeat procrastination is to take a start no matter what. Most of the time, it is just about starting studying because once you start it, you realize it was not that bad. Once you come out of your comfort zone, being a part of a struggling life makes more sense to you. Since you are more satisfied with working instead of lying down and watching Netflix or playing video games, you like it and want to do it again. Thus, take a start by fighting with your inner desires and it will much easier to carry on.

Keeping fun for the rewarding time

Distractions like social media, online shopping stores, seasons, and chats on WhatsApp take our attention multiple times during our studies. Keep your technological devices away from your reach. Next time, when you think about just checking them for once, tell yourself it will be a reward for you once you study with a focus for the required time. In short, reward yourself with some fun time after you complete one small goal. This will have two benefits. First, it will keep you away from using them during study hours. Second, it will reinforce your habits.  

Starting a day with motivation and good intentions 

If you want to defeat your procrastination, never start your day in a lazy and bad mood. You have to be motivated and plan your day with a clear head. Waking up early can help a lot. First, you will be satisfied that you have woken up on time, and then, having a good morning routine that includes some exercise and a good breakfast will add to your sense of accomplishment. After this, plan your day and set your targets for it. It will let you work according to the said plan and you will be more likely to complete your tasks of the day instead of procrastinating them. 

Never break the chain of good habits

This one is very important. When you are making your habits, the period when your habits are naive and when they will be formed is very important. Never break the chain of your routine because it can take you today first. Having this in mind you are more likely to you utilize your time in studying and not delay it. Even when you are following a routine strictly and now have passed the phase when your habits were forming, sticking to it is important. Defeating procrastination is one of those habits that you never want to give up on. 


Self-evaluation is a great habit of people who really want to improve. Moreover, when you evaluate yourself and clearly see the improvements, it motivates you to work on the same routine. At the same time, it tells you about your actions that have not been serving as a hurdle on your way to achieving the desired results. 

Making these habits a part of your life will not only allow you to defeat your procrastination but also help you in adopting good habits, getting rid of bad habits, and sticking to a productive routine.

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