Do you get stressed out during exams? Most of the students do. But this affects their performance in the exams to a great deal. So, there must be some way to save yourself from it. Here are six on how to reduce stress and anxiety during exams. 

Train yourself to have a sound sleep in all kinds of situations

Having a sound sleep during stressful times is difficult sometimes. Some people are able to sleep but they keep waking up from time to time with the tension of the exam. This is not the sleep that you need during exams. On the other hand, there are people who simply cannot sleep during such a situation. 

First of all, train yourself to have a proper and quality sleep in all types of situations. Whether it is something exciting or sad going on in your life, you should never compromise on your sleep. This way you will be able to sleep even when your life situation is stressful like exams. This helps you keep control over your nerves and be composed for the papers.   

Never leave the home without meditation 

Meditation makes your personality and brain strong. Not just that, it brings calmness in your personality with time and you are able to deal with every situation in the best possible way. It does not come with a day or two of practice. As mentioned in the topic, you have to make it your habit in order to bring the desired results. Even if it is for a few minutes, take some time to meditate every morning. 

Exercising a little bit in the morning

Where meditation helps you bring calmness in your life, exercise helps activate the nerves and bring them to work. Every morning before breakfast, take out some time and go for some exercise. You can simply run or do some other steps in the fresh air with music. This will be enough to open the cells of your brain and improve its functioning. Only then you will be able to perform your best in the exam. Moreover, it releases the stress of the exam because your reasoning skills are the best. 

Lightening up every situation with music 

Music helps a lot in releasing stress. When you are getting ready for the college or exam center, play some cheerful music and sing with it while you are busy in your morning routine. Make it your habit to release your tensions by singing and swinging a little bit with the music. You will feel less worried and better able to handle such situations once you start doing this.  

Having proper breakfast with some coffee or tea 

Without having a proper meal, there is no chance you are going to handle even the smallest of challenges of the day in the right way. You will always feel insufficient in energy. Also, if you happen to panic during the exam, your body might not be able to handle the stress and you may get faint. Have a proper and well-balanced diet in the morning. Never forget to include some coffee or tea to activate your brain and all the cells of your body. It helps you stay strong in challenging situations and you have the energy to bring the best possible solution to them.  

Revising at least two times before the exam

Last but not least, nothing can make you less stressed about your exams than proper preparation. Get away with your habit of procrastination and leave the last day for revision, not for first-time preparation. Revise at least two times before you leave for exams. The revision removes the confusion that you might have in your mind and you are more confident about your performance. Moreover, leave your books well before exams if you want to have a clear head.

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