While everyone can quote the quote “health is wealth” at the drop of a hat, not many truly understand how valuable good health is until disease strikes. Humans are forgetful beings, and particularly careless in times when their health is apparently okay. Most of us will continue abusing our bodies until a sudden pain in the back or a recurrent fever brings our life activities to a halt.

While good health is important for each living individual, it is even more so for students. Why? Because students are not only growing, but also bearing the burden of studies, sports and other social activities to the max. A growing student not only needs a healthy mind, but also a healthy body to keep at the top of the game. This world Health Day, we have jotted down six health tips for students that will help them, be they at school or university, to maintain a healthy body and mind all year round.

Sleep Well

This one is a no-brainer. A goodnight’s sleep is important for everyone and crucial to give your body the rest it badly needs. While you sleep, the mind and the body go into a sedentary mode that is essential for our organs to reset. Students on a busy schedule can aim for short power naps during the day. It will not only refresh the mind but give the body an instant energy boost. Avoid staying up all night even if you have an important task to complete. It drains the body of energy and does more harm than actual good.

Stay Hydrated

No matter what season you find yourself in the middle of, keep yourself hydrated. A dehydrated body can lead to headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps and a general feeling of fatigue. Remind yourself to take water every now and then, during class and lectures. Drink water as a habit, rather than having it strictly on a need basis. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip up, your body will thank you.

Eat Well

Besides remaining hydrated, a young body also needs to be fed well. But food does not mean gorging on junk food all the time. As much as they might not like it, students should try substituting as much junk food as possible with fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Nuts and dried fruits are also great for the mind as well as the body. Ideally, you should carry a homemade lunch packed with varied portions of food groups like proteins, carbs and starch that serve your body to the fullest. Also try cultivating the habit of having breakfast, as that is the most important and needed meal of the day.

Exercise, My Friend

If you are young and inactive, then you should really be ordering some changes to your routine. Sitting or lying down for hours without a reason can cause harm to the body and push you deeper into the habit of staying inactive pointlessly a.k.a laziness. Try engaging in light to moderate exercise like brisk walk, a light jog or cycling every day. Try getting out into open green spaces whenever you can. If you do have to sit for long hours like for a lecture or exam prep, take care of your posture and move and stretch your arms and legs from time to time. This will help you avoid any cramps or lumps. Heading to the gym or taking up a sport is another great way to become serious about exercising and really enjoying getting into shape.

Don’t Stress, It’s A Mess

One of the leading causes of depression and other mental illnesses in students is stress and the failure to manage it. Stress not only causes mental torment, but also lowers your body’s immunity, making it prone to illness like flu, fevers and headaches. Constant stress can lead to more serious health issues. While stress can’t be avoided altogether, it can be managed. Firstly, stop only worrying and try to find practical solutions to the problem causing that stress. Exams stressing you out, get down to prep. Result not up to the mark, find out what mistakes you committed. Open up to friends and family about any issue concerning you. There is little good that stressing without remedial action can bring. So forget stress and get positive about yourself and your life. You will get there eventually, do not worry.

Smile Often

Trying to stay happy is an excellent way to actual happiness. And you will be surprised how only keeping a smile on your face helps your mind and body get into a positive stride. As you force a smile on your face, the mind reacts to your muscle activity and releases hormones that helps you relax. Plus, you never know how many people’s day you can make by just simply giving them a smile and saying hello. If that doesn’t make you feel good in the head and the heart, well, try again.

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