Six‌ ‌Myths about‌ ‌intelligence‌ ‌and‌ ‌its‌ ‌role‌ ‌in‌ ‌your‌ ‌success‌ ‌


Intelligence is such an important domain in psychology for research and study. Countless researchers have done their work and some of them have made outstanding contributions to the field. we will share six  myths about‌ ‌intelligence‌,

Like people are discriminated against on the basis of various identities around the world, there is this culture among students, too. They are discriminated against for their intelligence. The students who have high IQ are preferred and considered more eligible than those who are not able to score high on such tests. Well, this is because we have conformed to the traditional concepts and are not considering moving past them. We still are relying on the Myths, about ‌intelligence‌, that we have been listening to since childhood. Here are a few of them and why they are not right. 

IQ measured by authentic tests is the standard of intelligence

We believe in IQ measured by the traditional tests of intelligence. Well, there are multiple tests developed by some psychologists and then criticized by others. The tests were never agreed upon by the whole community of researchers. Then how can we rely on them to measure our cognitive capabilities? First of all, they are not authentic. Secondly, even if they measure a particular ability, scientists have come up with countless other abilities as components of intelligence. So, they are not in any case the accurate measures of intelligence. 

Intelligence is a God gifted quality

You will find people saying that intelligence is totally a God gifted quality. Some educated ones would say it is completely genetic. They are true to some extent but it is not totally a God-gifted or genetic quality. There is a lot of room for improving intelligence and culturing it through different practices. Moreover, it increases with age and experience. So, there is nothing like a fixed intelligence that we receive when we are born. 

Cognitive intelligence determines success

Another myth is that success is determined by cognitive intelligence. By the term cognitive intelligence, I mean the traditional concept of intelligence that is thought to be ultimately correct. Success is thought to be a thing for those who have that typical quality and have performed well on IQ tests. That is completely not true. Intelligence is now divided into social skills, emotional skills, and many other qualities. So, to be a successful person you have to be good in different areas of your life that you can learn with time. 

Intelligence is equal to the amount of information you have

The more information a person seems to have, the more intelligent they are thought to be. You must have heard, ‘oh she knows a lot so she is so intelligent.’ This sentence is so commonly used that people have never thought about rethinking this idea. Well, one of the forms of intelligence, crystallized intelligence, given by Raymond Cattell does say that it is about is the factual knowledge that we have. But there still are some problems with this commonly said sentence. First, this is just a small part of the huge idea of intelligence. Second, the quality of facts and the information one has also matter in measuring it. 

Your academic scores determine your cognitive intelligence 

To some extent that is true. But lately, research has identified that students who have high academic scores are stronger emotionally, socially, and in other aspects of their personality irrespective of their IQ. To state it more clearly, good scores are less the measure of intelligence and more of having other life skills. 

Intelligent people do not have to work hard

Intelligence itself is a quality that has to be worked upon. In some cases, intelligent people are better at learning. But they have to work hard to improve their intelligence and also to achieve anything. So, next time you find a person saying they have to work for quite a lesser amount of time to cover a topic than you do, know that there can be many other reasons.

Long story short, from now on don’t let anyone underestimate you by saying that you are not intelligent enough. Work on your skills and keep evaluating yourself. You can improve yourself and be successful with the strengths of your personality. 

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